Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas pictures

Okay so when you have three two year olds, plus the two of you, getting a decent family picture to send with your Christmas card is HARD! We took all these pictures on Saturday. Um, yeah, the only ones that turned out all-around good were the ones of just me and Kevin!!! (We joked about sending one of those and writing "Not pictured: Anna, Yosef and Biniam". HA!) There's one picture that the kids are great in, but it was windy and my hair is blowing (not to mention I don't like the face I'm making.) In the ones where I look a little better, the kids don't look nearly as good. (PLUS, being 7 months pregnant, I've gained a good deal of weight and so of course my vanity is kicking in.)

This is quite complicated. Here's hoping we find a good solution!


Bek said...

I feel your pain (but not with three two year olds...).

I can photoshop and do a "cut and paste" routine with many of my friends during the holidays. I can take your head off one photo and put it on one where the kids look good. E mail me if you want me to do it. If the photos all have the same lighting (ie..I can't really do it with one using a flash and one not...) and the same general size.... (I can't make a tiny head look like a close up...but I can me a head smaller easily). It will take me about two seconds. :-)

For all the hard work you do with those kids... I would be happy to do it.

Shana said...

I want to see the pictures! I love getting a good laugh from your family "outtakes". ;)


Anonymous said...

That's pretty good. I tried taking just individual shots of the boys (this was before Nehemiah started sitting up), and Zeb just decided he wasn't going to smile no matter what. So his picture is very serious. I figure people understand and just want to see everyone all together and up to date.


owlhaven said...

This year we just did the kids-- it took 'only' 43 to get a good one. And most of mine are at the cooperating age...


PS-- if you get desperate, do individual pix of everyone, cut them in circles and glue the circles onto a picture of a Christmas tree, like ornaments, you know...?

Rachel said...

so funny, we were doing the same thing today. I look sendable in most of them, but the expressions of the others were a bit off. We are going to try again with the tripod tomorrow night. My issue is that I don't have too many clothing items I want to be pictured in as I am still not filling out my maternity clothes, but wearing them anyway. Why don't you try sitting in front of the Christmas tree so you don't have to deal with wind?

Nana (Aunt Sharon) said...


Tanya got me blog updated so I just read months and months of information - I am so amazed how you can tackle 3.5 little ones. I would love to see you - perhaps some Saturday or Sunday we should bundle up Grandma and come to visit - you are always welcome to come South.

Nana (Aunt Sharon) said...

Wait - read this first - a little sister for Anna - perfect - you are very well balanced - Kevin - was that an engineer thing?

Brianna Heldt said...

Sharon that would be just like an engineer, heehee! We'd love to get together at some point too. And may I just say that Grandma Heldt looks EXTREMELY stylish riding in that convertible?!

Bek, thanks so much for the offer! Kevin actually just retouched the photo a bit with photoshop and it worked out. I got the cards sent off today! (But I'm going to keep you in mind for next year!)


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