Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good helper

So the other morning I went into Anna's room to get her up, and lo and behold discovered that she had made her entire bed all by herself! I had to take a picture.

It is crazy how quickly kids seem to grow up. I think they get a little more independent every day, and as nice as it is it's also kinda sad!


Rachel said...

Anna has great taste in jackets!

Brianna Heldt said...

Yeah so that jacket was $3 at the thrift store! Woohoo!

Michael said...

On a side note, it is nice that Anna has Brianna's teeth and not Kev's. :) Them are some perty white teef right der I tell you what!

Anonymous said...

Also love the jacket. I have to admit that was the first thing I noticed when I checked out the blot. But, way to go on doing chores without being asked, Anna. What a big girl!



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