Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A person's a person, no matter how _________

(I realize I don't have anything particularly original to add to this topic but hey, I guess I'm posting about it anyhow!)

I've thought a lot about the whole sanctity of life "thing" over the last four years. I've always been "pro-life" but it certainly takes on new meaning when some of these foundational views start intersecting with your own life. Sanctity of Life Sunday was a little over a week ago so I've been thinking about it lately.

When we got married we initially thought we were on the standard "5 year plan." (Ha, ha, ha.)Then we learned some unfortunate things about hormonal birth control and knew that would never be an option for us. During this time we further examined our views on marriage, family, kids. We were convicted that we needed to trust the Lord more, and take it even more to heart that children are a blessing.

I think it's safe to say we do not live in a pro-life society (or world for that matter), and I'm not talking exclusively, or even mostly, about abortion (although that certainly tends to get the most air-time, especially among Christians.) It's pretty easy for me to say "I'm pro-life and therefore against abortion", but sadly it's NOT as easy to give my money away to a crisis pregnancy center or to minister to prison inmates. I wonder if something is maybe wrong when being pro-life starts feeling easy or convenient.

I love Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hears a Who" and the whole idea of "a person's a person, no matter how small." You could sub in all sorts of words for the word "small." The thing is, if we really take this line of thinking to heart, it is sure to produce some sort of change or action. If we truly value life, regardless of age, "disability", or circumstance, then I think we start to care, and will ideally live it out.

The scope of what "sanctity of life" means to me has increased drastically since deciding to adopt. My goodness, if it weren't for people working for orphanages and NGO's, valuing the lives of orphaned babies in Ethiopia, many children would probably not be alive today. I'm discovering it's just not enough to say "Yeah, yeah, I'm pro-life" but go on my merry way.

This is why it seems unfortunate to hear people (especially around church for some reason) make negative comments about large-ish families, or be taken aback by someone's decision to give an orphaned child a home, or why it's so hard for Jeannett to get people to volunteer to do childcare at church. Or why it's taking ME so long to call the Central Coast AIDS Project to see if there's some way our family can help.

I'll end with a link to a blogpost, called "Choosing David." Steve and Lisa are friends of ours and it is such a blessing and joy knowing them and their two little boys!


Samantha said...

I hear you, Brianna. The issue is a heart one. People don't view children the way that God does. They are a burden, not a blessing. Something to be avoided by whatever means their conscience will allow. What hit home the most with me was all my years working as a counselor at Lifeline CPC. Christian women women, even married ones, would come in for prenancy tests and not want to be pregnant for all the same reasons that teenage girls didn't want to be pregnant. Separating childbearing from marriage was the smartest thing Satan did to stop Christians from raising new Christians. Pretty sad, but there is a movement out there that is starting to get some recognition for trusting God with their family size. Quiverfull.com p.s. I am currently reading There Is No Me Without You and really enjoying it (at least as much as you can enjoy something so sad)

Rachel said...

I think the main thing is to remember not to judge others for their choices, whether it is to have a google of children or none at all. Starting a family/growing a family are huge desicions, and just as not everyone is called to be married, God may not call all to be parents. I'm sorry that you have felt so much judgement lately. That is really unfortunate.

kristen borland said...

thanks for the link to steve's blog. i agree... steve and lisa are awesome!

darci said...

just posted a bit about this..did you know fetus means 'little one'..
we just recently found out some of the b.c. stuff too..so upsetting. AND realized our arrogance in 'picking' when and how many children...you are so RIGHT! Children are a Blessing, a gift..and I started realizing..'hey, are we withholding blessing from ourselves?" well...3 months after that thought ran thru my head, here i am..3 months pregnant..LOL! :) God bless your family


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