Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What we're up to

Last Thursday we hit up the library program in the morning and then drove down to Santa Barbara, picked Kevin up from work, and headed over to his uncle's home in Santa Barbara for a visit. We got to see his uncle Galen, aunt Sharon, cousin Tanya and her sweet little girl Zoe, who's Yosef and Biniam's age (we missed you Woody and Megan!) It was neat to see everyone and the kids had a ball playing the organ and watching the fish and deer on the walls sing. (Anna is STILL talking about the singing deer!) All of the pics on this post are from our time there.

Even though we don't get to see any of our extended family near enough, they are so wonderful and we always have a good time!
Saturday morning we all got up and piled into the van to go to yard saling. We never do this but on a whim we decided it might be fun. For some reason there is nothing quite like sifting through other peoples' junk! When all was said and done, we scored some cheap movies, a pretty white rocking chair for Anna, and I found this cool creamer bowl thingy.
Last night I went to the Salad Supper at church--every time one comes around, I'm tired and debate whether I should go (plus I'm always really late because Kevin doesn't get home till after 6, and it starts at 6:30), but then I'm glad that I did. I fed Kaitlyn right before I left and therefore was able to just go by myself! I'm so glad my husband is so great with the kids, and so willing to feed them dinner and do bedtime and everything with them, like it's no big deal, even though it's a lot of work.
Tomorrow morning I think I am going to attempt to go to our church's playgroup, and then tomorrow night is the debut of Santa Maria Growth Group 2007/2008. Woohoo! I miss the Gibsons and the Hawkins'. I suppose that means I need to clean my house!
Thursday morning Anna has the library program and then that evening, we will be glued to our TV watching The Office season premiere. Hooray! What will become of Jim and Pam????
This upcoming weekend our dear friends Darin, Lara and Caedra are going to be in town and we have some plans in the works with them. And next week, Kevin's parents are coming to visit. Life is busy but good! (Oh and Kaitlyn's x-ray results came back completely normal, so her hips are okay!)


Rachel said...

Yea for the Office, and Heroes, and Prison Break, and Lost... Yeah we watch too much TV.

In other news, Ainsley has taken a bottle every night this week. It's great because it frees me up a little more, but sad too since I have felt like she has been hungry for three months and am starting to get conformation of that. Poor little kid.

I am glad you were able to get out for some kid free time.

andy gibson said...

YES, THE OFFICE! Only 48 hours to go! I heard Jan has moved in with Michael! HA!

"Just Showing Up", the new home of "The Office" peanut gallery commentary.

Brianna Heldt said...

rachel i'm sorry she's been hungry!! i am about to start kaitlyn on solids--yep, i'm a little slow on that.

andy, this blog will always be home of "the office" peanut gallery! jan and michael, HA, what a trainwreck! i'm just totally thrilled that RYAN will now be michael's BOSS!!! let the awkwardness ensue...

Allison Brown said...

Glad to hear Kaitlyn's okay! I hear you on the office--can't wait to watch, been waiting all summer! Cute pics too!

emily said...

LOVE Michael Scott and crew. Did you see the video clips on NBC of each character explaining what they did over the summer?? Good stuff!

Ruth said...

Well, as I said on Kate's blog, I never check the blogs, but it's fun to skim through and see what's going on with everybody. I am so glad that Kaitlyn's x-ray results are normal, that can be so tough when you're waiting to find out.

Wow, I didn't know The Office had such a huge following. Mark LOVES it, and I love it in a painful sort of way, but keep coming back for more.
I'm proud of your kids in the hospital!

Lara said...

First, I know I'm a dork, but I always feel just a little bit famous when I make someone's blog. =)
Second, we are SO excited about The Office premire. We are completely addicted to that show (We own all three seasons on DVD, the deleated scenes are sometimes the funniest part!!).
I was seriously floored to find out Ryan got the job! What's going to happen to Karen? Craziness!
Third, I love the pictures of your boys looking at the fish! Priceless!

Kristen Borland said...

oh yes, we'll be watching the office premiere!! it's one hour episodes for the first four weeks, or something like that. super excited!!!! glad little katie is okay, but i haven't read that post yet!)

Sando said...

Brianna and Kevin ~

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit with dad. You guys are really great.



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