Thursday, March 26, 2009

Consider it brought

Yeah, we're in the middle of a huge blizzard. I'm loving it. The snow just keeps coming and the wind is blowing hard.

Kevin's on his way home from work--he opted to leave early because the weather isn't getting any better--and it's taking forever. I'm glad he decided to head out when he did.

At any rate I'm quite pleased that we finally got a good old-fashioned snowstorm! (And was it really just a few days ago that we sat outside in short sleeves eating lunch?! Gotta love Denver!)


Shonni said...

Out here in Black Forest, it just keeps getting prettier!!! We are loving it too!!! Just makes me want to curl up and relax!

joy said...

God answers prayer!

shell said...

how fun!! hope your hubby made it home safe!

Luke said...

It took me an hour to get home last night... most of the time it only takes 10 minutes.

...and, I'm back at Sonlgiht this morning. What's wrong with me? [laughing]

We totally needed the moisture, though. May your husband continue to have safe commutes if he went in to work today.


Angela H said...

It sounds like it is beautiful over there today. I think snow can be pretty, but I cannot stand to be near it. Everyone else in my family loves or at least really likes snow and cold weather, but I cannot stand it. I guess I am the lone weirdo. )-: I was nearly stoned the other day when I said that I cannot wait for the crazy high summer temperatures we will get! Alright, so 115 degrees is nasty too, but I will take heat over cold any day. Wow, maybe being in the desert heat for a few years has fried my brain and now I think that opening the front door and getting smacked with a wall of overbearing heat like when you open a piping hot oven is a good thing. (-: Strange huh? I can definitely appreciate the beauty of a winter wonderland, but for some reason, more than a vacation's length of time in the cold makes me so uncomfortable.

I hope that you have a ton of fun in the snow with Kevin and the kiddos. It has got to be enjoyable to see the little guys look at and play in the snow in so much wonder. That is awesome. Post some pics if you ever get the chance. I am sure that we would all love to see what all of you are having fun with. Yes, even me- the anti-snow weirdo! (-:


Brianna Heldt said...

heehee angela h, when we stayed in las vegas a couple summers ago (in august), i thought i was going to die--it never got cooler than 90 degrees ALL NIGHT!!! it was bizarre! i DO like hot summers tho.

no pics from today, as my kids came in crying after not too long...guess there was too much snow and it was too cold! ha!

Angela H said...

Too funny Brianna! I remember when we first moved here (which was in July of 2002), I was sitting out by the pool talking on the phone to a friend and it was maybe 10 pm when I went out. I remember checking the thermometer out of curiosity and it was 108 degrees. When I went back inside at 11:30 or so, it had somehow risen to 111 degrees. I am not sure how that worked or if something was messed up with the thermometer, but honestly, I could believe it. This place is HOT, especially in the summer. I may change my tune in a couple of months, but man I love the warmth.

Your kids are after my own heart. I know they sometimes love the snow, but I can feel their pain. I remember not wanting to go out most of the time when I was little. The only time I remember wanting to was when I made my first snowman that I told you about a few weeks ago. That was about it! I guess their little bodies could not handle so much of the white stuff even though they usually like it. Perhaps it was too overwhelming! I have got to get a new digital camera so I can start snapping some new pics too. Have a good night and hopefully everyone will fare well in all the snow that has hit your city! Enjoy your weekend.

Angela H said...

I forgot something! I am not sure if I mentioned it or not, but our kids had a snow day a couple of months back!! Some parts of the valley had nearly a foot. We did not get quite that much, but we did get several inches. We got snow a few times this year, but the other times were more like dustings. When the kids had a snow day, no snow even came. The district was just paranoid because the day before just a few inches came down! It was funny watching the kids in the neighborhood trying to make snowmen with the little bit that fell. I was as brave as I could be, but all I could muster was about 5 minutes before I told the kids it was time to come in! Hey, I tried. You would not think that I am an east coaster with my aversion to cold! I guess once I moved to Vegas, my body became accustomed to the sweltering heat. We better not get transferred to a cold town! I might have to stay indoors all the time then. J/K!

Mike and Rachel said...

my kids came in after a short time too. The snow was so wet they were soaked through! We out after the snow was done falling and had a much better time.


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