Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning I officially enrolled my daughter in school for next year.


Now granted, she'll mostly be homeschooled and she'll only "go to school" on Mondays. But still. Still she'll be starting a whole new adventure that includes time away from me and from home. She's ready. I'm thrilled for her. But I'm not sure if I'm ready.

It all kind of hit me while I was sitting there in the meeting. Next year I will have a school-aged child. A kindergartner. Every Monday morning I'll drop her off somewhere and leave her there for six hours. She'll make friends and do her own thing and it will be so good for her. But I still say it's a little bittersweet. :)

All of that being said, I am SO EXCITED about this school!!! They offer so many wonderful opportunities, the teachers are excellent, they get to go on fun field trips and do fun things, and it's so family-oriented. Really I am looking forward to it, and I feel so blessed to be able to send my daughter there once a week and homeschool the rest of the time.

It was also super fun seeing some of my friends' kids there this morning, and meeting up with some friends at the meeting whose kids will start next year.

(And it was SO CUTE when Anna and I got home today--you'd think she'd been gone for weeks, she and her brothers acted like they'd missed each other SO much. I have a feeling they'll all be inseperable for the rest of the day!)


Mike and Rachel said...

Big steps! We got Aubrey enrolled in pre-school a few weeks ago. I just about ran from the building when the director was telling me about the walking field trips to the library, fire station, and pumpkin patch! My daughter walking about town without me??? Surely they will want a responsible chaperon to tag along? Right?!?

The Fearnsides said...

Yay for Anna!! And yay for Mommy for having the courage to make it through the meeting! ;)

If only CA would catch on.. It sounds like an amazing opportunity!

Angela said...

I am SO glad you are excited about it! It has been great for maegan (she still has a hard time when i leave, but has a great time the rest of the day) So fun that you saw her in P.E. !
I can't wait to see you every Monday next year. And Ry will be excited to have Anna in class with him! Too fun. Yay for Options!


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