Friday, March 13, 2009

My busy week and a link

If I owe you an email or phone call, and if you've noticed I haven't been posting much: I am behind in just about everything right now. The past week has been filled with kids' doctor appointments, getting caught up on immunizations etc. etc. And the appointments just keep multiplying...Yosef and Biniam now also need to see the dermatologist, and Biniam has to go to the eye doctor, and have a bunch of labwork done...and all four kids are going to the dentist in about a week and a half...whew!!! I am totally cool with medical appointments, I got used to them when Kaitlyn was so sick her first year, and they make for great bonding/"special date with Mommy" time, but they definitely wear me out too.

I've admittedly felt a bit overwhelmed with life in general lately. A little "in way over my head" and I'm beginning to doubt the logic/wisdom/sanity in my decision to homeschool next year. (The constant drop offs and pickups with multiple children in tow don't sound too hot either though. What's a mom to do?!) Also I feel like my kids haven't been getting along the best lately and I wonder if homeschooling rather than public schooling would exacerbate the problem. Do they need more individualized space? (Yes I coined that term.) Or is it just a phase? Sigh.

Anyway today I read the following post that I related to in so many ways. I think it's really challenging and thought-provoking. So I'm sharing it, instead of coming up with something to post myself, because I'm frazzled. :) Have a great weekend! (Thanks Mary for posting the link!!!)

Why my life is better since becoming open to life


The Fearnsides said...

Thank you, thank you so much for posting this. God has really been revealing some of these truths to me recently. It's such a blessing knowing there are others out there struggeling with the same thing.

I've been sending Kyle to pre-school for two days a week this year in our quest to discern what method of schooling we'll use for our kids. With Lukey's chronic illnesses, I've discovered it's a wash between h.s. and p.s. with regards to illnesses. It is hard in either scenario, but for different reasons.

((hugs)). Will be praying that things begin to calm down and that you have a moment to catch your breath!!

Joanie said...

Brianna, I feel for you. Seems like there are whole months filled with appointments every other day, then it ebbs and flows (hopefully!) I love your perspective on dates with the kids when going to appts.

I too have had a crazy week - barely got to call my dad, let alone post an update on him!

And so, I'm feeling dense: which article did you go to? I clicked the link and found a lot of choices. (I'm so sad at losing this many brain cells. I should probably start making sleep a priority.)


Brianna Heldt said...

i know monica, neither choice is perfect (hs vs ps) and i so want to make the best choice for us. let's definitely keep comparing notes on this, i want to hear your insights!!!

haha joanie, it's the article listed at the very end, click on it and then read the post, that should work!!


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