Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This picture of Kaitlyn was taken at my in-laws' home in December. She seems so grown up in it!

It makes me think of the future, of days to come when me and my girls will sit over coffee and talk and dream and laugh. I hope and pray we are always close, my kids and I.

I know it's normal to eagerly anticipate our children growing up so they can be more independent, so we can move on in life, do our own thing again. But I wonder if in some ways, kids never stop needing their parents...they just need them in different ways. I don't change Anna's diapers anymore, for example, but I spend lots of time answering her questions and encouraging her and guiding her.

Lately I've been thinking about the teen years in a child's life, and what they might need from a mother and father. In some ways I think teenagers need their moms and dads more than ever, but yeah, in very different ways. You need to be available, but not smothering. Interested, but not annoying. And it seems like you probably need to have a thick skin, because if my teens are anything like I was, they won't always be nice to me. (Nor I to them.)

Basically I want to cherish and pour into each and every stage in my childrens' lives. I'm thinking it'll be draining and challenging, but also really amazing and fulfilling. So for now we enjoy conversation over milk in sippy cups, but also look forward to chatting over coffee and scones.

To that I say, cheers!


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Bekah said...

I love imagining what my relationships might be like with my all-grown-up kids. I can't wait to see them grow into amazing school-age kids and teenagers and young adults. I can't wait to watch how our relationships grow over the years into deep friendship.

I'm sure the coming years--especially those teen ones (for some of us sooner than others)-- will be filled with great challenges. But it will be so amazing to watch them grow into the men and women God has created them to be.

And, oh my goodness, little Kaitlyn does look very grown up sipping from a mug like that.


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