Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just dropping in to say hi

Blogging has been light this week.  It seems I've hardly had the time or energy, between park days and swimming at the pool and grocery shopping and going to the movies and organizing some of my kitchen cupboards.

Today we're off to a state park to go swimming at a beach with my sister-in-law and her mom and my nieces.  Summer is so much fun, and so very busy.  A good reprieve from the school-year routine (yes even us homeschoolers have a routine!) but it also makes me appreciate our days spent at home with things to learn and do.  I suppose that is what I love about seasons in general--change, variety, and how they make you appreciate and anticipate each different one.  Oh how we looked forward to Summer when the snow was falling, and now I look forward to Fall and school and all that it will bring.  While still loving Summer, of course--it's hard to beat! 

Hopefully you too are enjoying your months of sunshine and water and otterpops out in the backyard.  We sure are!  And I am planning to get back into the blogging routine ASAP.  More to come soon!


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