Wednesday, July 21, 2010

True love

I have shared before about my love for soda.  Diet Coke, Root Beer and Dr. Pepper are my favorites.  Yum. 

In the past, soda was a take-it-or-leave-it thing for me.  I actually went a few years without having any, really.  Then I got pregnant with Anna, and craved Root Beer like there was no tomorrow.  Over the years, my little love affair with the carbonated goodness continued, and during my most recent pregnancy, with Mary, things really got kicked up a notch.

Thank goodness for McDonalds, and their $1 large sodas.  I have indulged in this treat many a time in the last several months.  (Soda is soooo much better from a fountain.)  Oh and I know, I know, we're all supposed to hate McDonalds...and their mass marketing of junk food to small, impressionable children...and their adding random meat flavoring to their french fries...and the fact that their food is chemically engineered in a laboratory by scientists.  I get that.  But where else can you get a HUGE fountain drink for $1 while your kids play on an indoor playground?  AND, their sweet tea is super yummy too.  LOVE IT.

See, here I am enjoying some Dr. Pepper on a nice sunny afternoon. 

Look how happy I am!  How can McDonalds be so wrong when it feels so right?

Soda, friends, is not good for you.  It contains copious amounts of sugar, and chemicals, and leaches calcium from your bones.  It dehydrates you and rots your teeth.


{It makes me happy.} 

The thought of an ice-cold fountain drink is enough to get me through the morning when I know I have one waiting for me in the afternoon.  Is this pathetic?  Maybe.  Absolutely.  Whatever.  Sometimes the simplest of pleasures in life are the best.  I really don't have any vices...except for soda.  Which I consume, on average, probably twice per week.

Perhaps one day I'll bid farewell to this particular indulgence in the name of health, but for now, I'm okay with it.  Oh alright, I'm MORE than okay with it.  

I love soda.

And sweet tea.

Love, love, love.

I'm lovin' it.

And I'm putting it out there on my blog for the world to see. 

Because I refuse to be ashamed that, at age 29, I am hopelessly in love with fountain drinks.


jenny said...

OH ME TOO!!!!! I've always loved soda, but REALLY craved it with Bella. It took a stocks and chains to pry me from it after labor and delivery, but I eventually got the place where I didn't need it every day. But now... I'm preggo again and... well... I just WANT it! We have a great gas station (QT) out here in the midwest that sells 32 oz sodas for 49 cents. 49 CENTS! And they have like 20 different sodas in their fountain WITH a spot for cherry, lime, and vanilla flavor-adding. Do you guys have QT's?? This is why Jon Fugler loves to come visit us - just for the QT's (he also is a soda addict). :-)

Brianna Heldt said...

Jenny NO! We don't have them here! I looked them up and there aren't any in Colorado. :( So sad, because that vanilla flavoring sounds mighty yummy!!! I'm glad I'm not the only soda fan!

Paige said...

Yum yum, you make me want to run out and get some soda! =) I agree, it is the best from a fountain! PS: Love your necklaces in that picture, too cute.

Leah said...

A&W rootbeer from an A&W fast food place is like no other. Way different than the can. I love Brisk Raspberry Ice Tea. Only that brand. I could drink it everyday.

Bekah said...

Oh, Brianna! SODA?! Really?! You sure do look cute drinking it though! Miss you. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Bekah ha! I KNOW! Isn't it awful? I don't know WHY I began craving it during pregnancy but alas, it has "stuck". Miss you SO much and I will write back SOON!

Leah YES, A&W at the actual restaurant is SO GOOD!

Rachel said...

I prefer their soft serve. The kids think that's all they make there!

Kristen Borland said...

Be proud, sister. (You know I'm with you on this one.)

Emily B. said...

No QTs??! Ok, do you have Sonic? Most of our sonics also have $.99 large drinks all day and flavors you can have added too (vanilla diet coke is my fav!) yum... I do love the bubbly sweetness :) And yes, from a fountain is SO much better! LOL!


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