Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Friends in Ethiopia

We had the amazing blessing of staying with some dear, wonderful friends during our time in Ethiopia.  Jonathan and Bekah, and sweet little Eva and Miles, are living there for the year doing some amazing humanitarian/missions work.  And they invited us to spend our week with them!  How lucky are we??!!

Let's just say that they showed us an amazing time, fed us fabulous food (including the best mangoes I have ever had or ever WILL have, sniff sniff), photo-documented and video-d us meeting our new daughters, introduced us to great people and great macchiatos...basically they made our trip what it was: unforgettable, relaxed, and productive.  (We also played us some cards.  And did some trash-talking.)

Travelling in a foreign country with a baby, where you don't know anyone, or how to get anywhere, can be daunting.  Our 2006 Ethiopia trip was hard for that very reason: we felt isolated, lost, and any time we ventured out we felt like fish out of water.  From the time our plane touched down this trip, however, we felt like we were returning to a wonderfully familiar place--and the main reasons for that were the wonderfully familiar faces greeting us there. 

Thank you to Jon and Bekah for your amazing hearts, hospitality, and generosity.  Words cannot express our gratitude.  The past year has been quite the roller-coaster, and your friendship from afar has meant so very much to us.  Our trip could not have been any better, and we are so blessed to call you friends!  And we can't wait until you're back in Denver!

***Note that we originally met these good friends three years ago through blogging.  Yes, blogging!  I'm telling ya, blogging is where it's at!  :)


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