Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#27}

1.)  There's not enough time in the day to do all the reading I want to do.  My nightstand is filled with books, my Google Reader is overflowing with unread blog posts, and that's not to mention all the articles and things online each day that I wish I could read.  Sigh.

2.)  Yesterday I went to an estate sale across the street.  With my kids.  And, wouldn't you know it, there were probably over one hundred Barbies--still in boxes--at the sale.  My kids were ENTHRALLED.  Like seriously thrilled.  (So I bought them one.  One $5 Barbie.  To share.  I'm cheap!)

3.)  Last night Kevin came up the stairs, after tucking our kids in, obviously frustrated with someone.  I totally thought he was talking about one of the kids--but no, he was referring to an author of a book.  Ha!

4.)  Have you ever tried returning something to IKEA?  Better yet, have you ever tried getting your money back, after you accidentally rang up your white pendant lamp twice, during self checkout, a few days before?  While your husband and five kids sit around, anxious to go home?  Well, I don't recommend it.  Picture lots of waiting your turn, having a cashier try to tell you she won't help you, and finally having a manager called who then proceeds to take a half-hour to credit your card.  But, I still love IKEA.  (It's a sickness.)

5.)  I just ordered these.  Goodbye multiple ziploc sandwich bags that I detest so very much!

6.)  We had someone over the other night who happens to be a priest.  As he was leaving and the kids were saying goodbye, Kaitlyn asked, "Do you have to leave because the Mass people need you back?"  She makes my day.

7.)  I have a bunch of projects looming--things to paint, mostly.  Like lamps, frames, mirrors, a table.  Oh, and a piano.  However, what I really NEED to do is organize my homeschool things so we can start our schoolyear.  I'd thought we'd start this next week, but maybe I'll opt to make my house pretty instead!

Thanks Jen, as always, for hosting!


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