Monday, August 15, 2011

The perfect storm of caffeine and clean

Mary relaxing.  Just because.

I have roughly 20 big trash bags/boxes filled to the brim with items to be donated.

I have cleaned out/organized our garage.

I have cleaned out various closets.

I have organized my kitchen cupboards (!)

Clearly my hormones, combined with my daily (caffeinated--oh yes, I made the switch) iced coffee, the impending school year, and the fact that I could potentially be bringing my daughters home (!) in the next few months, has created the perfect storm where I am actually getting stuff done.

And it feels fabulous!

You can totally hear angels singing when I go to get a drinking glass, or when I step into our garage.  Well, not really, but I bet they are.

Anyway, we may soon reach a point where we are more organized than we ever have been, in nine-plus years of marriage.  Not too shabby for a family with five children.  And with a really old house.  And with major packrat-ish tendencies.

Now a question for you: what is your favorite organizational item?  Something that helps you get/stay organized?  I'm especially dreading organizing my kids' shoes, so any ideas you have about that are much appreciated!


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