Monday, August 29, 2011

The Heldts learn to swim

My kids did swim lessons for the very first time this summer at a nearby pool.

I know, I know, we waited a bit. 

But when you have five kids it can be tricky to coordinate.  Plus, I did try signing them up at our neighborhood rec center a couple of years ago, but they use a lottery system and we didn't get in.  Boo.

So this time I signed them up somewhere else.  Bwahahahaha.  :)

And, they LOVED it.

I originally intended to just enroll my oldest three: Anna, Yosef and Biniam.

But then I found out that the preschool lesson was at the exact same time as theirs, so I signed Kaitlyn up too.

I honestly had NO CLUE if she would be into it.  The thing about Kaitlyn is, she is extremely self-confident.  I mean really, really sure of herself.  This means that she knows what she wants...and what she doesn't.

Imagine my anxiety when the kids showed up to their first lesson and the teacher said "Okay, everyone jump into the pool."

What is Kaitlyn going to do?

My kids all kinda looked around, a bit unsure.  But, they did it.

Including Kaitlyn!  Yay!

As it turns out we were the ONLY ones who signed up at this particular pool.  SO, my kids essentially got private lessons for a great price.  Woohoo!

As for Mary Lu, she was a cheerleader, as usual.  She loved watching her brothers and sisters, and of course enjoyed the water on the days we stayed afterwards to swim.

She also liked pushing her stroller around, emptying the contents of my purse, and redistributing all of our things.

See?  Here she is in action.

More contents from my purse.  Don't be fooled by her cuteness.  She knows how to make a mess.

I'd say the swim lessons were definitely a success.  Anna is totally swimming, my boys are just about there, and Kaitlyn has some great water skills under her belt!  Plus, they are all safe around the water.  It made for a rather busy two weeks, but it was oh so worth it. 

Summer T-ball and swim lessons down, Fall soccer club (and ceramics--which granted is not an athletic activity, but I'm equally bad at both so I'll throw it in there) just up ahead.  So proud of my kiddos and their willingness to try new things!


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