Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday {#31}

1.)  Feels good to be blogging again, but it's challenging finding the right time to do it.  Somehow attempting to write while my big kids are peppering me with math questions and my little kids are distributing cheerios about the house is just not a good idea. 

2.)  What is the deal with my four-year-old daughter Kaitlyn insisting that she never, ever sleeps?  "But Mommy saw you sleeping last night!" I'll inform her, only to be assured that she was simply resting her eyes.  I've never seen a kid so indignant about something so clearly not true!  That girl

3.)  I have a love-hate relationship with naps.  Do you?  I took one a few days ago and woke up feeling groggy and with a headache, ugh!  You'd think I'd learn and just plain give up on naps for good, but every now and again I fall prey to the temptation.

4.)  I was asked a couple of days ago by a professional when I was planning to integrate two-year-old Tigist into the public school system.  Where to even begin?  Sigh.

5.)  We are swiftly approaching our first Lent as Catholics--kind of exciting.  I love the Liturgical year and all its seasons.  So, so good for my soul.

6.)  I had the chance to have dinner with some girlfriends on Wednesday night, and am going out for dessert with some other girlfriends on Monday night.  Time with dear friends is precious.  Love!

7.)  Maybe it's because it's February, but I start pretty much every day being slightly burned out on homeschooling.  As in, I sort of want to just crawl back into bed and pretend my children are away for the day being yelled at herded taught by somebody else.  BUT, once we get going and read our saint story and do the day's math and read a History chapter or two, I find myself renewed and actually excited about what we do here each day.  Perspective is everything, no?


Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday!


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