Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catechism for kids

As a homeschooling mom, I love hearing what other homeschoolers are using for curriculum.  There are so.many.choices. available, and it can be more than a bit overwhelming sifting through products and books and methods.

So I like to occasionally share what we're doing in case it would be of interest to somebody else. 

And today I want to tell you that I am LOVING The New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism!  I ordered it a month or so ago, and am going through it with my 8-year-old daughter in preparation for her First Communion (!) this May.  There are dozens of questions (all based on the Baltimore Catechism) with answers for the child to memorize, sweet vintage pictures (the book was first published in 1963), and information about each question.  It lays an EXCELLENT foundation and covers all the basics. 

Of course now you might be wondering if catechesis is even necessary for children, if they really need to know anything beyond the song "Jesus Loves Me" and the Bible verse John 3:16.  For me personally, however, I want my children to not only experience the love of Jesus but to also know their faith.  To know what they believe and why and what the Church has always taught.  A good solid foundation is just really important to our family, and I find that this particular catechism is just what I've been looking for.

And I'm sure we can all agree that children have an amazing capacity for learning and for absorbing information.  They understand so much more than we give them credit for, and it is actually super humbling to know that what I teach them is received as truth.  I take my kids' spiritual formation quite seriously, and really?  It's one of the main reasons we homeschool at all!

I don't want my child becoming an adult who looks back and has no clue what the Church teaches about sin, Heaven, the Bible, or the divinity of Jesus.  They (like the rest of us) will be bombarded with information throughout their lifetime and will encounter--and be in relationship with--people with varying ideas about all of those things.  I suppose I could leave them to navigate those waters alone, but that's certainly not God's intention for families.  It makes sense that faith and truth and knowledge should be passed down from generation to generation.  Yes children may eventually reject the faith of their youth, but we parents can at least try to provide the tools necessary for them to live a faith-filled, virtuous life.

So if you're looking for a good children's catechism, I highly recommend this one.  So simple, easy to use, and gives a great overview of the Sacraments and the faith.  If I can get each of my children complete this book and commit the answers to memory, I think they'll be off to a great start!

***I am NOT being paid by the publishing company to endorse this product, nor did I receive a free copy to review--I just really love it.  But if they want to pay me, I won't say no.  :)      


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