Thursday, February 02, 2012

A big Colorado welcome

There has been a bit of a countdown this past month, as you can see in this chart that my daughter made.

Today is the day that my mom and dad arrive in Colorado, for good!

We are all kinds of thrilled that they sold their home in California, and will be living nearby once again. 

The kids are of course BESIDE themselves.  They ADORE all four of their grandparents, and to have a set living in the same state makes them just plain giddy.

And we may or may not be giddy for the prospect of, ahem, free babysitting.  Which is, you know, hard to come by when you have seven kids.  Date night, here we come!  :)

So welcome to Colorado, Mom and Dad!  You'll know you've reached our house when you see the big welcoming party cheering out on the lawn with signs and assorted trash coloring pages for you.  :)

(And, any of our other California friends and family are HIGHLY encouraged to make the move as well.  We won't even make you watch our kids.) 


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