Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finally some good news

Okay we finally found an agency willing to do the interstate compact thing. They seem to know their stuff and I feel good about using them. Looks like they'll be signing an interagency contract with our original homestudy/post-placement agency so that they can still provide us the post-placement visits (which makes me happy because I did really like the social worker we had.) Unfortunately, this interstate compact in addition to the post-placement is ending up costing over double what just the normal post-placement would have been. But we don't really have time to "shop around" anymore and I don't know that we could find anyone else anyway.

So that's the update. Looks like we'll be leaving as scheduled. I don't feel like we're totally out of the woods yet but AAI thinks we should still be leaving on time. Now I need to switch gears and start thinking about little Anna's birthday party!


shells said...

I am glad that something has been worked out. I bet you cannot wait to get those little guys in your arms! Have a fun birthday party! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Yeah I am glad we'll get to leave on time. I am SO ANXIOUS to have those guys home!


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