Friday, February 03, 2006

Leaving on a jetplane...

We bought our tickets today! We are flying out of Los Angeles the morning of February 13 and arriving in Addis Ababa the evening of February 14 (local time, as they are several hours ahead of us.) Then we're coming back February 20 (leaving from Ethiopia at midnight, arriving in Los Angeles in the afternoon. Hooray!

I got the boys' room all taped today, ready to be painted (by Kevin.) We'll be getting some more big girl furniture for Anna this weekend (a dresser, as her current one will go to the boys.) Some wonderful friends are letting us borrow a cute twin bed for her until their little baby needs it, and we'll be picking it up Sunday. Things are slowly falling into place I think!

We have already bought two more carseats and two baby bjorns. Next stop is high chairs. I cannot WAIT to meet our little boys! I am so anxious! Two different people who adopted from our agency and were in Addis picking up their own children in December have emailed me saying they met Yosef and Biniam while they were there, and that they were really sweet and cute! It makes the wait seem so much more bearable getting to hear about our boys.

I'm also really excited because tonight and then tomorrow is our church's womens' retreat! It's my first time going and I'm really looking forward to it. It's being held at our church (so not an overnighter or anything.) Tonight is a dessert. Should be fun and a good diversion from all the preparation!


darci said...

hi brianna and kevin,
i've read your blog for years, but realized i had never read teh 'beginning'...I am in hopeful for our own story.
we have had our dossier sitting in Addis since August 5, 2008. Survived an agency bankruptcy (amidst scandal) and are finally back on track to adopt our own siblings under two. hopeful and prayerful, adn so blessed and excited to read how God had His hand over your boys to bring them to you. God bless. Darci


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