Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yosef and Biniam's room

Here are some pics of the boys' room. Unfortunately, we don't have anything to put up on the walls yet but that will come eventually. :)

The room doesn't really have a theme, although their bedding is this really cute jungle print. It was on total clearance at Toys R Us so we kind of stumbled upon it. It's pretty cute (plus the price was right) and ended up going so well with the color we painted the room. I was bummed that they were going to have the exact same bedding, but it was just so cute and a great price and I couldn't find anything else I liked. Then the other night when I took it out of the package I discovered that they randomly had different bedskirts! Yay! So they are not EXACTLY the same.

We also have a dresser in there (wasn't in the room yet when I took these pictures) as well as a changing table. How we were able to fit everything in that room I do not know. Also I believe we decided to rearrange the cribs to make better use of space but that gives an idea!


owlhaven said...

Cute! So thrilled for you!!

Brianna Heldt said...

Thanks Mary!!! Hey this has nothing to do with their room, but I was wondering--did you get travel health insurance? I still need to call our insurance to see if they cover overseas (I'm guessing they don't) and if not, I'll need to find out where to get it.


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