Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We made it!

Well we made it!!! The four of us landed at LAX last night around 5 p.m., and made the drive back up to Santa Maria--36 hours after leaving the guesthouse in Ethiopia!!!!! Whew!

We arrived home to find a huge sign and balloons taped onto our garage door!!! We have no clue who made it but I want to find out so we can thank them! It honestly made our day (even brought tears to my eyes!) and what a blessing, to know that our boys are already so loved and supported!

It is nice to be home and reunited with Anna--we missed her so much! The jetlag is pretty bad. We are exhausted (all 5 of us, though Anna's probably doing the best), but I'm hoping after a good night's sleep tonight, that tomorrow will be better.

Our time in Ethiopia was amazing, depressing, fascinating, sad, exciting and exhausting all at once. I think I am still processing all that we saw and did. I've never seen anything like it in my entire life--so many things were shocking, many in a good way, many in a bad way. I will share more in future posts.

As for the boys, they are wonderful! Beautiful, happy little guys who seem to be doing pretty well considering. Thursday we take them to the doctor to be checked for parasites, which I think they may have, poor things!

Well I just wanted to post and say we had a great trip, the boys are awesome and that there will be more posts to come!


shells said...

Yahoo you made it!!! They are so cute! I cannot wait to hear more about your trip!

dharmamama said...

WELCOME HOME and CONGRATULATIONS! I have been checking your blog since you left to see when you got home and what the news is.

If your little guys look 8 months pregnant, like our son did when we got home, it's a pretty good bet they ahve parasites. Luckily, they are easy to treat.

One of you sons looks like he has a spot on his forehead. Our son had some sort of fungus on his head. It took a few rounds of grifulvin and some cream to make it go away, but it did in a few months.

I look forward to reading more about the continuing adventures of Biniam and Yosef!

Enat, of Bringing Desta Home

Shana said...

My husband and I have been praying for your family, and I have been anxiously watching your blog for new posts. Congratulations on making it home safely with your new family! I can't wait to hear more about your travels, your children, and how you are all coping.

Stacey said...

Hi Brianna,
So glad to hear you're home with your beautiful new sons! I can't wait to hear more about your trip and prayerfully some news of our little guy, Yehualaeshet.
God Bless you!

sheila said...

congratulations!! they look so happy :) i'm so excited for your whole family... and i'm looking forward to future posts (after you've gotten some rest!). take care!

owlhaven said...

Woohoo!! So glad you made it home safe!!


Amanda/Mayhem Mama said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to read more! (Hmmm, but I suppose you're pretty busy these days. Not much time for blogging.)

I'll definitely check back for updates.

Congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

I'm the luckiest Uncle in the whole world. (Kev is a close second though :) )


Chuck and Katy Smith said...

Congratulations Kevin and Brianna,

Michelle told me you adopted two sons from Ethiopia and said you had a blog. Had to check it out. They are sure cute little guys. It was fun to hear what you have been trhough since I saw you last. How exciting to have such a quickly growing family. Love,
Chuck and Katy Smith

Anonymous said...

I'm still just sooo excited about all this! I can't believe how dang cute they both are! Our family is sure growing fast! Give the three of them a hug and kiss for me! Oh heck, give yourselfs one too!
Love always,
Krys :)

Megan said...

Kevin and Brianna,
Sheila has been updating me on all of your exciting news and I have officially read your blog. Very exciting! I remember being on the cruise and the two of you talking about the adoption. Your dreams have come true! Embrace your little ones! I hope to be keeping in better touch and will be looking back on your blog when I can!


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