Friday, April 07, 2006

First steps!!!

So Isaiah Biniam took his very first steps last night!!! Woohoo!!! His progressing development is SUCH an answer to prayer.

Wouldn't you know it that this occurred during the nightly Bob Marley dance party? AND wouldn't you know it that Mommy was the only one in the room who missed it?!

Kevin's mom and dad are here visiting (first time meeting their grandsons!), and we were all sitting around watching the kids get their groove on. Kevin's dad had JUST turned OFF his video camera, and I was looking in the other direction, when Binny took two steps all on his own! We got him to take some more though, so at least I got to see that.

Today I've seen him take a step as well. I think I have shared this before, but adoption is turning out to be a blessing in so many ways that are very different from giving birth to a healthy child. Anna has always been on target developmentally, and we've never had to worry about anything regarding her health or development. But with our sons, we obviously have our concerns. So to see Isaiah take his first steps is such an amazing, emotional, exciting time for us because of all that it means. What a reminder these boys are that God is in control, that God can make something better and turn things around. That is all too easy to forget when you give birth to a healthy child.

So we are praising God that our little guy is learning to walk all on his own! After a month and a half in our home they are gaining weight, progressing developmentally...the Lord is so, so good. It is extremely comforting to know that the boys are in His hands!


Rachel said...

How exciting! it is so neat that grandma and grandpa were there to experience it. Aubrey just started to walk forward while pushing a little cart. It is so neat to wee their confidence grow!

Megan said...

I keep thinking about all of you. What a great moment. There will be many more to come. Hope you are all doing well!


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