Friday, April 28, 2006

Slowing down

Anna's been really sick all week, so we've had a rough time. She didn't sleep much this week (and so I didn't sleep much either), and had a really high fever, sore throat, and was just miserable most of the time.

It's always a good reminder to just slow down and enjoy your kids! Since Anna's been sick we've done lots of cuddling (something she's generally too "busy" to do!), lots of reading together, and lots of "Mommy, play with toys."

And it's occurred to me, why is it so hard for us moms to just get down on the floor with our kids and play? Are all the other things I "have" to do or most likely want to do really so important?

This morning I took the time and just sat down with all three of them and played. It's especially important for the boys because it seems to be a great way to bond and promote attachment. Today little Biniam (who is as far as I can tell not as attached so far as his brother) made lots of great, smiling eye contact with me, and fully initiated a little game with me! He would shake this toy that makes a lot of noise, looking into my eyes and smiling/laughing the whole time. Then he would hand it to me. I would shake for awhile, and hand it back to him. It was great!

So one of my goals now is to spend good solid time every day on the floor with my kids. Not that I never do that now, but certainly not as much as I should. And it's not only good for them, it's good for me too!


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry Anna had a tough week. We've had a lot of those around here so I know what you are going through. I hope you, Kevin, and the boys can avoid it too.

I know what you mean about the value of playin gwith our kids. Whenever I watch Supernanny it is always the same scenario-parents that are in the kitchen and not engaged with their kids. I notice that Mike's time with Aubrey is very focused and they have so much fun together, but because I'm home all day I rarely take the time to play with her like he does. We play, but it's not the same. Well, I think this comment is turning in to a post of its own, so...

Wendy said...

Found you from visiting Owl Haven. We just had sick kids too, no fun. You have a beautiful family. God Bless!

shells said...

Hope you guys are feeling better! It can be such long days when everyone is sick!
Just think about you guys and hope you are starting to fall into routine! I bet life is flying by. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to ask you a few questions about AAI and twins. We are praying about adopting and it seems that God is speaking siblings to us. We have three very young bio children (41/2,3,15m). We would like to abopt siblings, but not older than our own kids. That seems to limit us to twins.We have been praying about the situation and when to adopt and who to use. I have questions like....did you request twins?, exactly what was the total cost to bring home your boys? and many more. I have enjoyed reading about your journey. If you have time and would like to respond please email daisy @ Thanks! Blessings!!

Angel said...

Just love love love your blog! Hope you are all feeling better soon. :0) Angel


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