Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So I am such a blogging slacker! Last week our computer mouse stopped working, and I am so bad with just using the keyboard, so I wasn't online much.

AND I really don't have a whole lot to blog about!!! So I will just mention a good book I'm reading and a movie I saw that I really liked.

The book is called "Reclaiming God's Original Intent for the Church," by Wes Roberts and Glenn Marshall (members of the emerging church movement.) It is really good food for thought and makes some good points about how things should be. Ever since God moved our hearts to adopt and opened our eyes to more than just our own comfortable "bubble" that we live in, and ever since we traveled to Ethiopia, I have been thinking a lot about what the Christian life should look like, the purpose of the Christian church, what it is, what it should be, and what it shouldn't be. I am seriously not some great expert or anything but I like to think and read and honestly God has changed my views on a lot of things over the last year or so. A lot of what this book says strikes a chord with me.

A good movie I recently saw and highly recommend is "The Constant Gardiner." (Disclaimer: it's rated R so not a family movie.) The cool thing about it is that it is actually filmed in Kenya, where the story takes place and all of the Kenyans you see in it are just townspeople; they don't use actual "extras" or anything. Anyway, go rent it, it's good.


Anonymous said...

can I just say that I would love to meet you? I have been following your blog ever since I stumbled across it when we started our adoption process. We are adopting two girls from Guatemala, we just brought our baby Lila home and we are waiting for Wendy. We also have to bio boys, ages 2 and almost 4. But I am only 25 and completely relate to what you've said, how you don't really fit in because you're doing your life so differently than others... I feel the same way! We are actually planning on adopting from Ethiopia next, so I love reading your story. After seeing "constand Gardener" and "lord of War" I realized how bad things are over there; also, Angelina Jolie brought to my attention through her adoption about the state of Africa. So, enough of my rambling. I don't have a blog site, but if you would like to see my beautiful kids, go to myspace.com and look me up by display name: it is summerbaby06. Blessings, Molly.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your blog--there is forgiveness for blogging slackers like yourself! Lisa

Rachel said...

Three of my blogging friends have been recommending books lately! Is this God's way of nudging me to read more? No, I'm sure he would rather me a scrub a toliet or two!

Avery said...

the constant gardener, it's listed as fiction but there is no fiction in it. I've walked the same streets that this movie was shot in, it's an eye opener for anyone who has never seen the injustice the pharmasuticals do to the people of Africa.

I love this movie


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