Thursday, May 11, 2006

Congratulations Fred Booglewart!

A couple weeks ago I received an email from someone named Fred Booglewart, asking me some adoption questions (what homestudy agency we used, for example). He said he and his "partner" were adopting from Vietnam. I thought who on earth has a last name like Booglewart? I told Kevin I thought the email was a joke and that maybe one of our friends discovered our blog and was messing with me. I took the time though to write back, Fred wrote back with some more questions, and turned out to be a nice guy. I realized it must not be a joke.

Saturday afternoon Troy and Becky, some of our closest friends, called wanting to come over that evening and hang out and bring us dinner. Fun! After dinner we were sitting around, and all of a sudden they took off their sweatshirts and Troy had a name tag that said "Boogle" and Becky had one that said "Wart!" What in the world?! I sat there so, so confused. I'm like, oh you guys played a joke on me, ha ha, although it didn't make sense why that would have been such a funny joke.

Then they proceeded to tell us that it WASN'T a joke: Troy and Becky are adopting from Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently they wanted some info from us, but didn't want to tell us yet as they hadn't told their families yet. We are so, so excited!!! This will be Troy and Becky's first little one.

It is sweet to see God move hearts and move people to reach out across the world to love one of His precious children. I am profoundly blessed by their hearts and can't wait to watch them go through the process and the experience.

So that is the story of Fred Booglewart (apparently "booglewart" is some sort of computer gaming term.) I have to say I am so happy that Fred turned out to be some of our best friends!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Can't wait to meet little "Kathy"!!! :0)

It's been such a blessing to be around all these adopters! Congrats to the Hawkins'!

Anonymous said...

Can you email me? My email is
We are in Canada and have just received a referral for two infants under 18 months ( 17 month old girl and her baby 6 month old brother ) from Ethiopia. We are SO excited!
We are also Christians and I connect with so much of what you say...
I love your blog! please email me!


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