Friday, May 19, 2006

What a girl wants

So two days ago the kids and I were out in the backyard. Anna was wearing a skirt, a shirt and her slippers (she refers to them as "fluffers"), which she wanted to wear more than her shoes. We hadn't been out there more than a few minutes, when she turned around and said to me in an assertive voice, "I need my purse."

Well duh mom, what were you thinking? Here is a picture of Anna and her purse.


Jeannett Gibson said...

And it matches her skirt! :0)

She's growing up...scary...

Rachel said...

too cute! I dread those days with Aubrey but look forward to them too.

Anonymous said...

She is just TOO cute! Oh my goodness...the story and the picture together...I had to show my friends! :D She's just a doll!
Love ya,
Krys :)

sarah said...

Hi, I just ran across your site. Your daughter reminds me a lot of mine, too cute! We are also adopting from Ethiopia, it's always great to find someone who's already been through the process.


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