Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Full weekend

--Last Thursday afternoon the kids and I headed down to Santa Barbara, picked up Kevin from work, and went over to his aunt's home (also in Santa Barbara) to spend the evening with his aunt and uncle, and his cousins and their families (who were visiting.) It was the first time any of them had met the boys. It was so fun to see the kids playing, etc. and WONDERFUL to see everyone again. Here is a picture of all the kiddos lined up on the couch--7 total! (Poor Anna wasn't so thrilled about being in the picture...From left to right: Isaiah, Katie, Megan, Zoe, Andrew, Ezra, and Anna! Oh and that's Kevin's cousin Steve in the back, trying to keep everyone on the couch.)

...And here is a picture of Ezra dancing with little Katie. So cute!

--Saturday some friends hosted a church baby shower for me. What a blessing!!! I was so moved by all of the special ladies that attended and I had a great time. (I left the kids at home with Daddy so it was nice to be able to just visit with people!) One of the highlights was that one of the ladies had prepared a special talk to give. (She used to co-lead the Young Marrieds group at our church when my husband and I were engaged.) Anyway, she has an adopted son from Ethiopia, and her talk was so wonderful and meant so much to me. She shared a really neat poem which I'll have to post sometime.

--Sunday the boys were dedicated to the Lord at church! Our family got to go up front (all five of us), the pastor prayed for the boys, had us commit to raising them up in the ways of the Lord, and had the church members commit to supporting us. There were three other babies being dedicated in addition to Yos and Bin. Grandma and Grandpa Perruzzi were in attendance, which was really special. I love this picture of Isaiah Biniam taken after the dedication in the church cry room. He is such a happy little guy!


Rachel said...

Aubrey so needs to be in that picture! Maybe we can photo shop her in.

Rachel said...

Mike here. That is awesome though we are quite jealous be not attending. :)


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