Monday, April 10, 2006

Supersize Me 2

So no one told me that my daughter was going to be making a sequel to the famous documentary. But apparently she is.

Don't believe me? I walked into the kitchen this afternoon to make the kids lunch, and that's where I found Anna, licking her fingers, holding a now-empty butterdish...

Fortunately I think there was only about a tablespoon's worth of butter on there. I will continue to console myself with that fact.


Rachel said...

Yucky, I bet that was pretty taumatic for you! I'm still waiting for my cat food experience with Aubrey. I know I tried some when I was about four!

Future Adopter said...

LOL. Well you did say a few posts back that she wanted to go shopping for "breads, butters, and eggs." At least she didn't get to the raw eggs or a loaf of bread. That wouldn't have only made her sick, but would've created quite a mess as well.


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