Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random Heldt updates

If you know us in real life, you probably haven't seen us in a long time. Anna, for just about a month now, has had some sort of tummy/intestinal issue. We haven't been to church in three weeks or really seen any of our friends, which has been totally weird since our weekends are usually spent doing at least one social thing. As for Anna, she feels just fine, but is still sick. Some of her lab results have come back and they're negative, but we're waiting on the rest of them.

We got a referral for a pediatric gastroenterologist finally, for Biniam, to determine if there's a reason for his slow/low weight gain. I'm so thrilled because the specialist is at UCLA! Our insurance approved it and everything, so for a small co-pay our son gets to go to one of the best of these specialists in the Western US. We will be SO happy to get a definitive answer about him. At his weight check earlier this month, he had gained as usual, but not as much as one would expect (again, as usual.) I took in an Ethiopian growth chart as well as his past weights that we have record of. Our doctor, based on everything (espeically the fact that Bin has an appetite and is meeting his milestones, and has tons of energy), doesn't feel anything's wrong, but says it's better to find out sooner than later if something IS wrong. SO at some point we'll be taking Biniam down to Los Angeles (I'll be making the appointment as soon as we figure out Anna's issue. One thing at a time!) We plan to go to Little Ethiopia while we're down there, which we're really looking forward to.

Some of our very dear friends, Darin and Lara Laity, are moving to Mississippi in a few weeks. Sad! We've been friends since college and will greatly miss our Sunday lunches and hanging out. Because Anna's been sick and we've been in isolation for the last few weeks, we haven't gotten to see them. We're hoping to do dinner before they leave (Troy and Becky, are you in?).

I really miss our friends from our small group biblestudy! I guess I got spoiled seeing them every week. It broke for the summer, and again because of our isolation we haven't gotten to see the Gibsons or the Hawkins'. Troy and Becky, if you're reading this, any Kathy news yet??

Other than the medical issues, our kids are doing well. Biniam has really "come into his own" lately. It took him awhile to truly feel secure with us, and to mourn the losses in his life, but now, his personality has just really blossomed and taken off. He is so not the same kid he was when we met him! I think he and Anna have recently grown closer as a result.

Yosef is just now coming out of a tough time I think. He seems to have been doing some "testing" (extra aggressive, not minding, more than just the usual toddler stuff), hasn't been his usual happy-go-lucky self. But he's had a couple of good days now which is great. Grieving and loss in children is fascinating. It comes and goes, you think maybe they're done, then it comes back. I praise God for these kids and that we get to be the ones to love them through it! (Side-note: I REALLY recommend the book "Attaching in Adoption" for adoptive parents. It is a must-read!)

I think that's it. Not too exciting, but that's what happens when you're a complete shut-in for four weeks. :)


Jeannett Gibson said...

Gee, I thought you were avoiding us, with our major Poly love and all! :0) Now I don't feel so bad! You're ignoring EVERYONE!

Rachel said...

I guess with three kids one is bound to be sick, injured, cranky, hungry, or tired. I pray that Anna feels better soon and Biniam gets an all clear from the UCLA staff.


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