Thursday, July 06, 2006

Worth watching

Last night Kevin and I watched a movie that was so good I had to tell you about it. "Emmanuel's Gift" is a documentary about a man born physically disabled (essentially born with only one leg) in Ghana. Hoping to break through the stigma of being disabled in Ghana (it is believed that if you're born with any sort of disability, you are cursed, and most likely will live out your days as a beggar), he plans to ride a bicycle 500 km across the country. The movie is AMAZING, offers a look into life in Ghana, and is truly inspiring. It's rated G, so definitely family friendly.

Isn't it great that our life's worth is not based upon what we can do, how we look, or how we measure up compared to other people? I was reminded watching the film that we are all born with different strengths, struggles, and obstacles. Some are more pronounced or visible than others. Some are more socially acceptable than others. But no matter what our own personal "disability" is, we can make a difference and live a beautiful life.

I was also reminded of the great need to go against the grain of society and advocate on behalf of the disabled, or the outcasts, here and abroad. While people in America don't come right out and say that having a particular disease or missing a limb is a curse, we certainly act that way much of the time.

Honestly, please go rent this movie. We found it at Albertson's in the new release section. We both were so touched by this young man's story, and by the many lives he touched in both Ghana and the United States as the result of his perseverance and courage.


Anonymous said...

Having any kind of disability is difficult, but a physical deformity is particularly unusual. With our little one, we've been amazed at how positive and accepting people in the community are toward David and us. Some people stare and look distressed but most people are curious and very sweet. We definately don't want people to pity David. We believe his life is valuable, and that God can powerfully work through him. In our weakness, He is strong! Lisa

Rachel said...

Off topic, but if you are in the mood for a romantic comedy we loved Elizabethtown.

shells said...

It is amazing how our minds work alike!! We just rented that movie a month ago. :) Once again, if only thousands of miles didnt come between our families!


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