Friday, January 04, 2008


I just finished reading a book by Margaret Feinberg, The Organic God, which I loved. Simple, not real long, an easy read. I think it resonated with me because for awhile now I've just felt burned out. I've been a Christian and weekly church attendee for all 26 years of my life. And lately I've felt distracted by the trappings of the Christian life and my love for God (and His for me) got crowded out. I think I've made gods out of things that I shouldn't have--desire for Christian fellowship, church involvement, what people think of me. I think God is wanting me to love Him and to find contentment and peace in His love for me. I think He's wanting my husband and children to be my heart's priorities.

I'm not sure what the practical upshot of all this will be; there probably won't be much of an outward change, but more a heart one. My heart feels hopeful and excited about falling more in love with God and embracing the unique blessings He's given me, and trusting Him for the future.

So while I'm not much for resolution-making my prayer for 2008 is to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of God's love for me, get to know Him better, and enjoy God's freedom from the Christian rat-race. (Oh and to not be such a procrastinator, but I figure some things are just out of the realm of possibility! :))


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I found your blog a few months ago. Not sure if I have ever posted. We are adopting from China, have a bio 2 month old, and are contemplating an Ethiopian adoption. The faces of your sweet kids, and your thoughtful & funny posts are an inspiration. May God bless your family in '08.

Lara said...

My dad read that book and really loved it. I'm definitely going to have to read it now.

Happy New Year!

Steve and Jenn said...

I also found your blog awhile back, through a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing :) as we were beginning to think and pray about adopting... anyways.... You, and your family, are an encouragement to me (which is what I hope to offer you :)!)
I felt the same way last year and made a commitment to memorizing a passage of scripture...ok, I bit off a little too much (Ps 119!) but over the course of a year (which I only memorized the 1st 9 sections) I grew to love God's word(law) and see myself in a new light.
Just a challenge to offer back to you, and invite you to visit our blog if you want. :) Jenn

Steve and Jenn said...

oh my blog is @
Jenn <><

shell said...

how the heck did you get all your kids to look at the camera? i know you claim to not be a supermom, but the most i could get looking at the camera was 3 and of those 3, maybe only one was smiling. :)
i have not heard of that book, it sounds really good. i just finished john pipers hunger for god and it was life changing. amazing if you are looking for a good read. enjoy 2008! you better blog so i dont feel like the only crazy mom in the US! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

shelley i have no clue how the kids all looked at the camera! we kinda lucked into it i think. kevin set up the tripod and we took a billion pics and came out with approximately one where everyone was looking and no one was blurry b/c they were wiggling around. :)

i'll definitely have to read that book--your book reccomendations always turn out to be great! and i'll be blogging, so there'll definitely be at least two insane moms out there!

BJ said...

What a beautiful family! I'm so glad that Kaitlyn is just fine. Blessings! I so enjoy your blog.

Rachel said...

Ahhh... procrastination. I fight it daily, but it creeps back in. Happy 2008!

Margaret Feinberg said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed my book. It is definately a daily challenge to keep God first (with good and bad days).



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