Monday, January 14, 2008

Classic Yosef

30 degrees outside
sweet boy
always smiling
loving daddy who never complains
(On the way home from Kevin's parents' house last month, Yosef's poor tummy succumbed to the terribly curvy roads. He is such a good-natured child, still able to smile amidst chattering teeth as Kev stripped him down to a diaper to clean him up!)


Rachel said...

ugh, that happened to Aubrey on the way up there when she was only a few months old... and to me on the way back when I was about 4 months pregnant (I didn't get the window down in time and had to smell that for 11 more hours!

Becky said...

Poor little guy. His little legs and big grin.. gotta love him. Can't wait to see you Wednesday!

Angela said...

So sweet...such is a parents love! What a sweet lil guy, too!

Kate said...

so so sweet. your kiddos are delightful. and what a great daddy to clean up him with a smile on his face too!

Joy said...

what a great picture! i think it's really funny the things i stop to take pictures of. i mean, 5 years ago would you believe you'd stop to snap such a photo? i love it!

Brianna Heldt said...

yeah rachel i've gotten sick myself several times on that road...that's really, really awful you couldn't get your windown down in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Leonard said...

what a sweetheart! i think we've been in that same situation, different road...probably not 30 degrees!

Lindsey said...

this is so yosef! is he ever not smiling? I think he is quite possibly the happiest child I have ever met, and that smile just kills me! I miss having your kids in the toddler class! Every now and then I catch a glimpse of them in the two's and threes through the window and they look at me like "hey what are you doing here?" so cute! i love your kids!

-lindsey iunker


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