Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heavy hearted

Do you ever have those times where your heart just aches? A dear friend in the process of adopting from Guatemala just found out that the precious baby girl they were adopting passed away. In addition to feeling so sad for my friends, I feel grieved for the millions of orphans around the world without homes, and who are sick, and have little access to medical care. It's so horrible when a child dies, and the worst part is it's not uncommon in developing countries for this to happen.

I just read this post from Erin's blog last night that, in light of everything else, made me feel so convicted that, well, adoption is important. I'm not just saying that because I adopted two kids from Africa a couple years ago, or because I think it's some really saintly, noble thing--honestly, that's laughable. God loves these children, wants them to be cared for and loved on, that's the bottom line. These days I especially feel convicted that adoption of special needs children, and older children, is important. Our friends' little girl was born with Down Syndrome and I am blessed and inspired by their hearts and strong, unwavering faith in God.

Ever since our trip to Ethiopia Kevin and I have talked off and on about adopting an HIV-positive child someday. The more I read, and talk/email with other adoptive parents, the more I believe that this very well may be what God has for us someday. The only thing holding me back would be my own fear, buying into the same irrational stigma that makes me so mad when I see it in other people.

Anyway, those are my scattered thoughts today. My heart and prayers are with Mike and Kristen, and I hope you all will pray for them too. We love you, Borlands!!!


sara said...

Just food for thought - HIV is not fatal anymore. Not really, with medicine. So if what is holding you back is the idea of serious health problems, it isn't like that anymore.

Chatter said...

The days of heartache, while good for us, sometimes just hurts so bad. When I first started exploring adoption I had so many of those days. All the knowledge I was taking in was overwhelming. Thanks to Erin, I too have considered adopting an HIV child one day. I have a lot of educating and persuading when it comes to that. I love that Kevin is on board with you on this. It's very sweet. You are such a wonderful couple. And my heart goes out to your friends Mike & Kristen. That's very sad...

Samantha said...

My heart grieved the same way this morning for Mike and Kristen. I have always felt the responsibility God has given to Christians to care for the orphan and widow. Jeromy is praying about us beginning the adoption process ourselves. For me it seems like a no-brainer. Suffering children in the world, we should make the difference in how many of their lives that we can. I know that God gave men a less emotional brain for this reason. My house would be overflowing with little children right now, but it is truly the call I feel God has put on my life, to welcome children into our family through birth and adoption.

Children are called an inconvenience in our society, but God calls them a blessing, so hold on to that truth. I have felt the call lately to look at life with more of a Heavenly perspective, and look at my life as something more than just a vehicle for comfort and ease. What could be more wonderful than leading little ones to the Lord and filling up Heaven! It is exponential too if you look at them doing the same thing. Keep seeking the Lord and He will guide your steps.

Give Kristen a HUG for me.
(sorry about the longest comment ever!)

Joy said...

i always appreciate your perspective, brianna. and we are praying for the borlands, too.

Kristen Borland said...

we are so, so blessed by such amazing friends. thank you, brianna. your words are exactly what my heart so longs to hear.


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