Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A merry Christmas

This year for Christmas we packed up the kids and headed for Northern California to spend the holiday with Kevin's parents and sister.

They live in the mountains about 200 miles south of the Oregon border, in a really remote place that doesn't have a name. Kevin used to ride the bus an hour and a half to get to high school--a born commuter! It sure is beautiful though!

The day after we arrived, Kevin's friend Matt (from high school) came over, and they had a good time catching up. (Matt was in our wedding and we haven't seen him in about five years!)

Kevin's dad built a sled for the kids in the event that it snowed, which it really didn't, but he pulled them around on it anyway. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...or the bright pink gloves on Biniam.)
Kaitlyn refused to sleep and I spent all night, every night nursing her, walking her around, anything to calm her down. She is apparently a bit of a bed snob and will only sleep in her crib. Bummer.
I guess she was also happy sleeping on Grandma Heldt.
Excited about new pj's, and a new toothbrush. Kids love Christmas!
The whole group on Christmas Eve.
Losing to my husband at pool (no, that's not me drinking, I was holding the photographer's glass--though I wish I could blame my loss on something!)

Sweet Katie Jane's first Christmas...

...Laughing with Grandpa Heldt...

...Smiling with Daddy.

Enjoying my kids.

Watching Grandpa Heldt build a fire.

The kids loved wearing their winter clothes and playing out in the cold.

A good time was had by all! Thank you Heldts for having us!


Lisa Leonard said...

i love your family!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Cute pictures! Winter clothes is so fun! I'm actually impressed that you even had any!

Lindsey said...

Beautiful pics! I can't wait to meet the kiddos in person!

Allison Brown said...

Thanks for sharing your cute pics! Looks like a lot of fun! And you always look so nice in all of them--I don't know how you do that with four kids!

Rachel said...

It is funny to me that they live in the mountains, we don't live in the mountains but are 3000 feet higher than they are. Isn't topography interesting?

And Ainsley doesn't like to sleep elsewhere either... or here lately too. I was exhausted after my trip to Cali in October.

The Hausams said...

What fun pictures!


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