Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Friday

Friday we were treated to a fun day in Santa Barbara with (Kevin's) Aunt Sharon and Tom! So fun! They took us to the zoo, we had yummy hamburgers for lunch, and then afterwards Aunt Sharon took the kids to the toy store where they each got to choose a toy. (Sharon bought Anna her very first "princess dress" which she has either been wearing or talking about nonstop ever since!)

We also got to visit Kevin's grandma and his uncle Galen, who both live in assisted living facilities in Santa Barbara. The kids really enjoyed getting to see their great-grandma and their great-uncle. Great-grandma Heldt was totally hilarious and singing a song and making us laugh. Then at Uncle Galen's, there was this fake deerhead on the wall that sings, and has a microphone connected to it where when you talk into it, it makes the deer move its' mouth so it looks like it's talking...Anna really took to this thing and was singing songs into it and regaling the residents. She's really coming out of her shell lately and even had a conversation with an elderly man who lived there.

It was a great day with family that we don't get to see nearly enough, and it was so cool to see how much our kids loved spending time with Sharon and Tom! Anna wanted to hold Sharon's hand the whole time, and on our way home Kevin and I dubbed Tom the Pied Piper because when we looked out into the backyard at one point, he was walking by and single file the kids were trailing after him...heehee!

Thanks Sharon and Tom for a great day!!! (As you can see, the minute we hit the door that evening Anna modeled her new dress and all her new accessories.)


Joy said...

looks like a fun day. your kids are so sweet! and that deerhead is way cool. i really think cade could get into that--do you know where i could get one? :)

Rachel said...

Aubrey just got a trunk of dress up clothes from my parents. So far only myself and my dad have dressed up, Aubrey isn't so sure about it yet! It's good to know she will be ready in a year!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Ana! You look BEAUTIFUL!


Love the giraffe pictures. Look at that tongue!

Becky said...

Anna is quite the princess! Seems she is almost 4 going on 14! I some how know what she'll want for her birthday:-) Got to love those kids!


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