Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22nd

4 kids

3 cities

2 apartments

2 homes

6 years

I love you babe! You make me laugh, make me think, and challenge me in countless ways. I'm so happy you got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife all those years ago on a beach in Cambria. Our lives have taken some amazing turns and I couldn't be more thrilled that we're doing it together.

Here's to many more years and adventures ahead! (Funny how once you start having kids, the pictures of just you and your husband stop. Took me forever to find these three pictures.)

(And Happy 6th Anniversary to Andy and Jeannett, our anniversary buddies!!! Same day, same year, same TIME, same colors. I think we were destined to be friends!)


joy said...

happy anniversary! what a wonderful couple you are. hope you're able to celebrate in denver.

Lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! Love you both, Lindsey & Eric

JaneeNoel said...

Hope it's been a special day!!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!!! WooHOoo!!

Lara said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary! Our marriage has been blessed by watching your marriage. Thank you for your beautiful example. Much love!

Sugar Plum said...

Congrats.. we miss you! Good job finding pics of you and Kevin.. pretty soon Anna can take them for you:-)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I saw the first picture in Pismo, and thought "THEY'RE IN TOWN???" Duh.

Kate said...

Happy Belated Anniversay you guys! We miss you. Hope you had a wonderful day of celebration!

shell said...

I am impressed you found that many pictures of just the two of you! I think our last one was our wedding picture!!!
Hope you got some time together!


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