Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Denver public pools

$1.99 flip flops from KMart

Riding bikes after dinner

Melty ice cream cones

The Denver outdoor pools opened for the season yesterday. It was so hot all day that when Kevin got home at 4:30, off we went. We have a great pool less than a mile from our house, that also has a big shallow pool for kids, a grassy area with lawn chairs, and is connected to a big beautiful park. Kids swim free this summer (thanks Mayor Hickenlooper!), so Kevin and I each bought a 3 month pass good for all the city pools (there are 16), and all the rec centers. With the hot weather we've been having, I think we'll be spending a lot of time in the water!


joy said...

wow--that sounds great! and your husband home at 4:30! isn't it great?

Tamara said...

Yea for pools, it makes me think of the Creston pool! Is that thing still open??

Brianna Heldt said...

joy i know, it is crazy having him home so early. i love it!

tamara YES IT IS! i so grew up at that pool. did you and karen ever go???? we took the kids there a couple of years ago!

Mike and Rachel said...

I have three friends with community pools so I plan to mooch pool use off of them. Now that is a bargain!

asnipofgoodness said...

Isn't summertime the best!!!! And the water so fun for everyone, and it makes the evening more fun, because everyone is sleepy!!!


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