Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lily Box

I have several dear friends who are amazingly creative and artistic, and who have started up their own businesses. I'd love to take a few posts to share about these special women with you.

Today's feature is The Lily Box. Lindsey designs wonderful custom invitations, cards, and announcements, utilizing both hand-drawn elements and digital design. Please take the time to browse her wonderful website and work!

Here is a sample of one of her designs. Do you recognize that sweet little girl in the picture? My daughter is famous. :)

And here's something cool--Lindsey lives in Panama with her husband Eric and their daughter Anna as missionaries with Calvary Chapel! She and I were roommates together in college. You can read her personal blog here.


joy said...

how cute are those invitations! and your friend is super cute, too--not that that's what it's all about. and she lives in panama? that's cool.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Well, I guess I'll neve make this new post series...I mean, I qualify under the "amazingly creative and artistic" categories, not to mention the "fabulous, hilarious, and downright perfect in every way" categories that you didn't seem to list anywhere...but it's that pesky "started up their own businesses" part that obviously precludes me from making the cut. Sigh...



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