Friday, July 11, 2008

3 degrees of separation

Stumbled across this panel discussion today between Chuck Colson, Greg Boyd and Shane Claiborne. I thought it was SO interesting and I loved getting to hear each of their insights. It's a little long but if you're interested, it's definitely worth watching!

Three Degrees of Separation

**Shane Claiborne (the one on the far right with the awesome dredlocks) is one of my all-time favorites--he wrote a book, The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical that made such an impact on me. He has a new one out, Jesus for President, that I still need to read. AND I just found out that he was speaking in Denver Monday night and I missed it! Shoot!


twodifferentloves said...

Do you mind if I link to your blog when I link to this interview?
I am currently listening to it, and it is awesome!

Carolina Mama said...

THanks for another great resource. Glad you're enjoying Denver. How was your trip to Boulder - Mountain Man's native hometown. ;) God Bless.

Brianna Heldt said...

twodifferentloves--sure, link away! :) i'm glad you're enjoying it, i thought it was pretty great myself.

carolina mama--LOVED boulder! what a neat place. when i took my parents there we drove around, had lunch and visited the university, which was awesome.

Angela said...

I LOVE Boulder, too! :)
And...Shane C. I'm so so sad I MISSED IT TOO!!! Jenn went... that stinker! :) Just kiddin' Jenn! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

angela I KNOW! that's who i heard about it from! next time i think we need to be alerted about his presence. :)

mayhem said...

Ooo, I have not seen this but I just bookmarked it to watch later. I respect Greg Boyd very much... We attended the church where he preaches for several years, and we really miss it (still!) Shane Claiborne looks like my brother, which makes me like him immediately!

Lara said...

Thank you SO much for posting this! Darin and I just watched it. It started a wonderful conversation.
We love Shane Claiborne too.


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