Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad blogger alert

Yes, I am a terrible, no good, very bad blogwoman! I haven't posted in over a week and I don't even have a reason, I just haven't felt like it! (Nothing special about the pictures in this post FYI, it's just us before dinner on my birthday, and me and Yosef on Saturday afternoon. You can kinda see my new 'do in them. Also they are proof that we ARE alive and well, even though I never seem to blog anymore!)

Nothing too exciting happened this week, oh who am I kidding, I read books 2 and 3 in the Twilight Saga (hurry up book 4!!!!) Which deserves a post all its' own. Thursday night I ventured out to a church ladies sewing night. I know, pick your jaw up off the floor, I ACTUALLY COMPLETED A SEWING PROJECT! Martha Stewart (and Emilie Barnes) would be so very proud. I made a pillow, which I'd intended to use as a throw pillow for my couch, but it turned out bigger than I'd envisioned, so it might go on my bed instead. Who cares, I completed something, and it's actually not grotesque! :) I'll do a post about it with pictures soon.

I've also started on my NEXT two projects: refinishing my childhood bed for Anna (and by refinishing I mean spraypainting, which totally makes me feel excited, like I'm doing graffitti!) and making her duvet cover. I found some fun sheets at WalMart that I will use to make the duvet, and I can't wait to make some little throw pillows to match it.

The sheets look vaguely familiar and I THINK my friend Jennifer might have this same bedding for her girls? Not positive. It's a whole coordinating bedding set but I wasn't a huge fan of the comforter for my little ones, so a homemade duvet it will be. I haven't done much yet on it, just cut off part of the top because it had stripes on it that I didn't like. They say imitation is the best flattery, so hopefully if it IS the same bedding, Jennifer will forgive me! I've searched far and wide for sheets I liked to make a duvet, and quite literally these are the only ones I've found that I wanted. I think I'm getting picky in my old age. :) But all sheets seemed to either be solid, polka dots, or too adult!

On the bed itself, all I've done so far is paint two of the bedknobs (which used to be brass, and now they are a fun turqouise-ish blue. The main part of the bed will be white.)

With carpet going in in a few weeks, I gotta get busy!

I'll do a post about the music festival later. It went okay--not great, but okay. We didn't lose money, but we didn't make a ton either. I promise I'll post about it soon though! Yikes, I guess I have quite a backlog of blogposts to do!


Rachel said...

I'm so excited that you finished the books. I'll have to start adding you to my obsessive emails to friends after i read the quote of the Day for Breaking Dawn. Today's really ruffled my feather's. I just keep saying, "They are meant to be teasers, they want me to feel this way!"

Larissa said...

Yay, glad you're back to blogging. I'm going to have to check out these books that all you girls are going crazy over.
I finally finished "Everything must change" by Brian McLaren. It was seriously like taking a small sociology course! I'm ready for some fun novels.

Anonymous said...

Yay! So excited you're blogging again!!

My SIL and I decided to read the book "Twilight" together (I think we bought it last Thur?) and I have seriously read ALL three books since then. And I am now obsessing over book number 4! I feel like a teeny-bopper about to see some boy band! 26 is definitely too old to be acting like this!

Your hair is adorable. Can't wait to see pics of your projects!


Kristen Borland said...

first of all, your hair...!!!!! i'm so wishing i was you right now because i want your hair!!! kudos to the stylist.

also, can't wait to see pics of anna's bed and the sheets you chose. how very crafty of you! oh yes, and the pillow you made at ladies sewing night. how domestic. :)

Unknown said...

I finished all 3 books in a week. Sooo Team Edward or Team Jacob??

shell said...

miss your blogging! come back!

Brianna Heldt said...

christal it is so hard to decide! part of me is totally team jacob, but the other part is team edward. i feel like the books did a better job of developing a more well-rounded relationship between bella and jacob...edward and bella, while of course they have a great relationship, i feel like the author didn't focus as much on creating DEPTH of relationship there.

at the end of the day, i guess i'm team edward. what about you????

and monica, i am so glad you got into the books too!!!

Unknown said...

I love Edward. I can't get past that! I get mad at Jacob when he steals Bella away. haha. I have issues. It feels like real life, when it's all so fictional. In the end, we should all blame Bella, shes playing with everyones emotions. :) That's my two cents.

I'm SO excited for the movie!

Brianna Heldt said...

yeah jacob makes me mad when he's mean to edward, and to bella. it does feel a little like real life, heehee. i too am SO EXCITED to see the movie!!!!

this is us said...

You can copy my homemade duvets IF I can copy your haircut. Seriously! SO SO SO cute! Where did you go? Get ready for a "the Hand that Rocks the Cradle" copycat! :)

Also - you must bring the first Twilight book for me to read - bring it to the playdate! Pretty please! Desperate for some good fiction!

- Jennifer

Brianna Heldt said...

oh jennifer i CANNOT contain my excitement that you are wanting to read this series!! i will bring it tomorrow for sure! (i'd borrowed my sister in law's copy but accidentally spilled some water on it--yes, me, not my kids--so i am getting her a new copy, so i am indeed now the proud owner of the first book. and not to worry, you can still read it, just a little water damage on some of the pages.)

by all means, copy the haircut! i went to, are you ready for this, oh the suspense...GREAT CLIPS! that's right! the one on colorado blvd! $20 including tip. i asked for an a-line haircut but a short one, and the girl asked if i wanted the front layers choppy too and i said heck, why not? some of it is uneven but i like it "messy". truth be told i always loved YOUR haircut!!

if i copy your bedding and orange walls, and you get my haircut, we'll sorta be like the same person, but there'll be two of us...imagine all we could accomplish!!!!!!

Unknown said...

oh, you guys are too funny!! i love it. and I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT, too. Now, let's go get our nose pierced, and we'll really be like jenn. we all wanna be, right? i know i do! ;*) (that's a pierced nose)
Okay...jenn beat me to it, but I am SO in line next for that book. Hurry Jenn...think you can finish it by tomorrow night?
I miss you girls and can't wait to see you! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

oh angela i am THRILLED that you want to read the book too!! yeah!

and i know, we really do need to get our noses pierced--i love your pierced smiley! and yes, then we truly would be jennifer!

lindsey said...

i am wayyyy behind on your blog and plan to spend the next little bit catching up, but i am kind of freaking out about how stinkin adorable your hair is! this looks sooo good on you! yay for great cuts!

Brianna Heldt said...

thanks lindsey! blogging is so funny, it comes and goes...i'll spend way too much time either blogging or reading other peoples' blogs and commenting, or i never do, and then have to catch up.


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