Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aw, shucks!

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! (And to Kevin for the super sweet post! So thoughtful!) In honor of me being 27...here are 27 random thoughts.

1. I cannot believe I am 27, and in 3 years I'll be 30. I'm actually an adult, and that is scary.

2. I got my hair cut yesterday and it is pretty darn short. I THINK it's fun and cute, as opposed to masculine and not cute. It's very messy, which works great with my hair, which is also very messy.

3. Sometimes I still think I'd like to get a nose ring. Kevin claims he wouldn't like it, but I say he would. Just like he never wants me to cut my hair, but he always ends up liking it. Still can't decide if I could pull it off or not. You gotta be the right type of person, for sure.

4. Last night my drink of choice was the Georgia Peach. Yummy. Good thing they are so expensive, so that I only order one, because I feel like I could drink about five, they taste so good. But that would not be prudent. :)

5. We are so nearly out of diapers. Hope we make it to Costco tomorrow before we have to start using paper towels or something!

6. The weather is so hot here. Like swelteringly hot. The kind where you don't want to go out. This is a big adjustment after living in Santa Maria/Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo for so long. And where is the rain? Where are these supposed Colorado thunderstorms???

7. When I call Kinkos to ask questions, they are incredibly friendly and helpful. The one time I went into the store for assistance, they were totally rude. What gives?

8. I could so easily be a vegetarian. I'm not, but there are so many yummy foods that aren't meat. There was a week or so where due to various circumstances we ate a lot of it and it so grossed me out. SO ever since then I've been making things without it and yeah, I definitely think I could live without red meat for sure, and maybe other meat too.

9. Is there nothing quite like an ice-cold glass of A&W or Henry Weinhard's root beer?!

10. Today was a really tough day. I'm completely exhausted, we're having some hardwood floors put in so they were here ALL DAY working on them with a loud saw, and I'm quite busy with AHOPE things. I feel tired! And hormonal to boot.

11. So because of that, I'm cutting my 27 things short for now. Instead I'm going to go sit out on the front porch with Kevin and eat ice cream cones, just the two of us. Have a great night!


Kristen Borland said...

awesome random thoughts. we will need to see a picture or two of this hair cut, and i'm betting it's darn cute. oh and by the way, we were cutting it close on diapers too today, and i thought for sure we'd have to do some spur of the moment potty training. thank goodness for kmart down the street.

cathy said...

Happy Bday. Mine was the 13th, so I'm a day ((and a few years)) older than you.

As for thunderstorms, we're in a drought. Isn't it sad?

As for the nose ring... go for it. I had mine pierced for a while and loved it. I only stopped wearing it when I started going to PTA meetings and realized I was being "categorized" before anyone really got to know me. Should I have more resolve in being who I am? Perhaps. But I also represent my kids and I wanted us all to be treated fairly. (and it didn't hurt getting it pierced at all!!!)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You should post pics of your haircut. Your hair always looks so cute.

I totally want a nose piercing. Keith, on the other hand, does NOT want me to get one! I think they look super cute.

Can hardly wait to hear what you are doing with AHOPE. I am starting to feel like I would like more kids and am eager to adopt. It's convincing the husband that four or five kids under 5 or 6 wouldn't be THAT tough! ;) I think hearing about your work might help pacify some of those desires.

Hope you have a wonderful day today!


Anna said...

Ok, so I think you should totally get your nose pierced. You are totally the right type of person too. I can picture it. You have a cute nose and a clear complexion (sp?). Those are two things that are needed. Also the fact that you have the whole "culture" thing going for you...yeah, I can picture it. I like it when mom's have nose piercings. But, you're right you have to be a certain person. I think you could easily pull it off...and I bet Kevin would like it, or at least it would grow on him. I'd give you total props for getting one! :-)

sarah said...

The nose ring would really work on you!! And if you hate it, there's nothing that says you can't let it close up. Not like a tattoo, ha ha. :)

And i agree with you on the meat thing. I have been eating a lot less, and realizing how little i actually miss it. We've been eating lots more tofu and also the variety of "fake meat products" (as i like to call them) from trader joe's. Their soy corn dogs are yummy! I'm going to look into making my own garden burgers, because the store bought ones are usually very high in sodium.

Maybe you'll want to finish your "27 list" when you're feeling up to it!

Valerie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love reading your blog. And to add to #1 -- I can't believe you're 27 and already have 4 kids -- impressive! (I just turned 31 and remember thinking 30 sounded so old, haha, but now I loooooove being in my early 30s.) You should post a picture of your short hair when you get a chance so we can all see how cute it is!

Angela said...

I TOTALLY want my nose pierced! Marrty doesnt think he'd like it, though, and he thinks i'm too old! Ah! GASP! Am I too old for a nose ring!?
Let's do it... together. How's tomorrow? :') (that's a pierced nose!)

And...you should've come over while the floors were being done, silly! Call me! :')

The MSILF said...

I think, from what I've seen of you in pictures, that you would be great with a nose ring or a small stud. I want one too, but the pain factor scares me.

The MSILF said...

I also wanted to say, wow, you are younger than me, and have done so much with your life! Congratulations!

Angela H said...

Happy belated b-day. My 26th is on Wednesday so we are peers in age and in spirit.
I am eager to see your city when my family is there during the 1st week of August. If you want to get the families together, we would be interested. If not, any suggestions on what to do? We have found some potential activities online but would like your perspective if you have the time to give it.

Angela H.

Angela H said...

PS- I am very "into" your 8th comment. I am a vegan (the only one in my family) so I can definitely understand what you are saying with that.

darci said...

happy birthday (late!) post a pic of your new cute 'do! i think you should try the nose ring. (or a cute little sparkly stud). I begged my hubby for years before i finally convinced him that i would still love him with a handlebar mustache (though maybe not kiss him) so could he not love me with an eyebrow ring? he LOVED it, and when i took it out (too many babies grabbing, soccer ball hitting, etc;) he was sad. so go for it, you can always take it out if kevin hates it. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

angela let's get coffee soon! AND, while we're at it, let's get our noses pierced--you're never too old! marrty and kevin would come around eventually....i think! (loved your pierced smiley face! Yeah!)

i TOTALLY would have gone to your house, if I wasn't swamped with stuff for the festival. grrrr.

angelah, i got your email, haven't had a chance to reply yet but let's definitely get together!

Angela H said...

Great Brianna. I am happy to hear that you got the e-mail. Feel free to take your time in responding. I know how busy things can get.

Also, I just got off the phone with Lisa Qualls and we had a great talk about AHOPE and different things we can do. I think that, through our talk, we brainstormed an entirely new program for AHOPE. It is so exciting. I am sure we can talk about it at some point. Good luck with your AHOPE work at the music festival this weekend. I am sure that you will do a great job.

Angela H.


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