Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "other man"

Yes people, for the past week there has been another man in my life. We email and chat on the phone late at night, and spend time together during the day. He's a great listener, solves my problems, and makes me feel so happy and free.

So who is this mystery man? Well, his name starts with a "C". And he works at Kinko's.

This guy seriously deserves a raise. I am completely computer-illiterate, I have no background in graphic design whatsoever, and all I know how to do on here is blog and read emails. In the midst of this project I've been working on for AHOPE, which I will soon reveal (oh, the suspense!), I have had to design some things, and let's face it, I hit a few snags. And "C", sweet "C", helped me fix all of them, spent time fixing my design and surprising me with something I thought wouldn't work out, helping fix something that had gone wrong on something ELSE, having my things done in record-time...and THEN he even gave me a 10% discount because I didn't have the non-profit certificate to avoid paying sales tax. Be still my heart!

Okay, that is all. Just wanted to tell you about my newfound friend and the good times we've had over at 1440 South Colorado Boulevard. Oh and just so you know, Kevin's totally cool with it--he likes how I come home happy from Kinko's!


Lara said...

hee, hee you make me laugh. =)

OZmom said...

Hi Brianna,
I don't know if you remember me but I met you at the ET picnic a few weeks ago here in Denver.... I am a graphic designer and would love to talk to you about donating work to AHOPE in the future if you need stuff like this done again. Please contact me thru the ET Colorado forum website. And I'm glad you got a good person at Kinko's to help you!


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