Saturday, July 04, 2009

Just us

We took this picture of ourselves on our 7-year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. I love being married.

We've been talking and thinking about marriage a bit lately. Kevin read something recently in a book by a Roman Catholic, about how God created children to be GOOD for marriage, even though society tends to believe the opposite. We have so found this to be true for us. The book has turned out to be pretty interesting actually, and has articulated a lot of things we've had rolling around in our heads for awhile. Just about marriage, and family, and God's purpose for families.

I also just read about a study that just came out that showed that thriving marriages tend to be the ones in which couples continually have to meet challenging goals together. So I found it kind of interesting that in some ways the findings of this secular study substantiated what that book was saying. The Psychology major in me likes studies. :)


Mike and Rachel said...

That's a great picture.

excitedtobeafamily said...

I agree! What is the book called? I think I would enjoy it. Great picture!

shell said...

i agree with you 110%
from the other mother of many young children.


this is us said...

Yes - need the book title! Or just to borrow your copy. :) It remains to be seen around here whether DOGS are good for marriage when you already have four kids! ;)

chloeadele said...

Nice meeting you last night! your family is beautiful!

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