Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday's social commentary

I came across an article today called "How to Save Your Marriage from Your Kids."

Really? Really???

I find it ironic that at a time in history when we are supposedly so enlightened, liberated and in control of our lives (and, interestingly, having FEWER children), that the divorce-rate is up, marital satisfaction is down, etc.

What if the problem has less to do with our marriages being invaded by small people and more to do with our attitudes towards marriage and children? What if God designed children to help make our marriages GOOD? And we're fighting His design? Is it possible that some global issues (the world-wide orphan crisis, the vast number of children languishing in US foster care, divorce, selfishness, abortion, etc.) have to do with a disjointed perspective on marriage and family?

Just some thoughts. It's a paradigm shift for sure. But no one can deny the fact that now more than ever, people are looking for meaning in their lives and fighting to "protect" their marriages. I just wonder if maybe they're going about it the wrong way.

(And speaking of babies, I think mine has the hiccups right now...boy is that an unnerving feeling!!!)


Samantha said...

We are naturally selfish creatures and left to ourselves, marriage and parenthood are impossible for us. Thankfully, when you live a life of following Christ, your focus is on God, not on yourself, how you can serve Him, your husband, and your children. It is a hard road, but all good things that change us are. Thanks for some thought provoking!

Joanie said...

A paradigm shift and an attitude adjustment are definitely called for.

Tracy Regusci said...

I second your thoughts Brianna. I just finished a great book "Family UnPlanning", pretty much talking about that issue!

The Hattons... said...

Some very deep and interesting thoughts. I agree with you. Thanks for bringing it to the surface for many.

shell said...

years ago a wise women told me that satan would attack marriages and it would be one of the downfalls. i feel years later i am seeing that to be SO true. breaks me heart!

Luke said...

Very interesting. There is definitely something to be said about how selfish we are (I am) and how focusing on that negatively affects our marriages and relationships.


Meg said...

I feel people overschedule themselves and their children.....the original idea of family is kind of lost on most of our society I think....I don't get when families make 1 night around the dinner table mandatory- I think that should be the norm not the "special night". Families need to get back to being with each other in a pure organic simple way- instead most are so "plugged in" all of the time- it is sad really......good post-

darci said...

that is crazy-I heard a quote once that God says children are a blessing and debt is a curse, and in our society we pile on debt see children as a burden. go figure! great post. :)

Carolyn said...

I very much agree with Meg's comment. I know so many families (most with 3-4 children each) & their kids are involved with every sport & activity you can imagine. Yes, it's wonderful to have young people enrolled in soccer, piano lessons, cub scouts & gymnastics, but maybe not ALL at the same time, & not when it means that the whole family is exhausted & run down!

I think that is when children start to be viewed as a burden. I probably would too if I was running around here, there & everywhere picking them up & dropping them off constantly! Families need to be home together sharing meals, playing with their siblings & otherwise just being together. That is my humble opinion. :)

Staci said...

Sometimes I think it's the opposite in our society: How to Save your Kids From your Marriage.

With all the Divorce and custody battles, kids are just collateral damage in marriages today.


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