Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rambling blog thoughts

This blog is seriously all but defunct. It's not that we're not doing things that I could blog about, but I have no energy and I'm a big grump these days. :) I have such a love-hate relationship with pregnancy. I LOVE getting to feel the baby moving and I love anticipating the birth and labor and thinking about the sweet newborn we're going to have.

But I really don't like being in a bad mood, or being so exhausted all the time. Also food doesn't appeal to me past about 3 pm which makes dinner prep a pain. My meal-planning has so gone out the window (not that it was that great to begin with).

Isn't it funny how the best things in life don't come without difficulty or hard work? I think that's how God deals with us in general but we have a really hard time wrapping our Western minds around it. I want all the good stuff without having to go through any of the hard. But life isn't like that. Even if we expect it to be. I think we miss out on the richness of life when we make it our aim to avoid any and all potential sacrifice or discomfort.

So I keep telling myself that all my (minor, let's not kid ourselves) complaints are for a good--no, a GREAT--cause, and that all too soon the baby will be out and I won't get to feel her kicking around anymore.

Today I HAVE to make it to the grocery store and Costco and get some more food in the house. And figure out some meals for the next couple of weeks. And do some laundry. Basically figure out some sort of gameplan for life these days because my random attempts to maintain order right now is just not working!


Samantha said...


What has helped me alot late in pregnancy and even now, I have been doing freezer/crockpot cooking. I take a whole Saturday (invite some friends to help you!) to make up a whole bunch of meals (my first time I did 30, this last time it was just my mom and I and did 25). It is so much work for one day, and all of the planning before-hand, but not having to cook/shop so much is so worth it to me. I throw in some BBQing for Jeromy and the meals last about 3 months or so. You do need an extra freezer though. I have knock-off PF chang chicken wrap filling defrosting right now!

The other think that you can do is have a baby shower where people bring a freezer meal in lieu of a gift!

Hang in there!

Mama Mote said...

You can vent any time here. That way we know how to pray for you. Love and hugs to you all.

MoonDog said...

your crock pot is your friend!! staart dinner in the morning when you still like food. then when its dinner time for everyone else its ready even if you dont want to eat it. just serve it up. hang in there. pregnancy doesnt last forever (thank goodness!) it wont be long until you will be saying Oh remember when I was pregnant it was so special or funny or hard.

Joanie said...

Loved your line about feeling your baby "kicking around!" Your body's been through so much with mono, your sweet baby in heaven, and your sweet girl on her way. I've been amazed at how you've managed so far!

Wish I could just run over and help.

chloeadele said...

I know we don't each other all that well yet, but I honestly don't mind doing your shopping for you. You could just email me a list and let me know when you'd be home. Really. I'm not kidding. I know how exhausting it is to shop with little ones while you're pregnant. I'm not preggy anymore, so it's definitely not a big deal for me. Just let me know. My email is chloeadele at yahoo dot com. Take care dear!

Joanie said...

Ahem, that was QUITE a spoiler you put on Jeannett's blog today. And that's all I'M going to say for now!!!!

(I know, I'll still be totally surprised. That's okay.)

Paige said...

I love midwives! I used them for both of my boys for my maternity care and birth, loved them. In general they are so down to earth and really care about me and my baby and not just the medicine side of things. =)


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