Friday, February 19, 2010

Inspiring words for a Friday

My friend Jenny wrote this post today. It spoke to my heart in so many ways. And even has me thinking about a future blogpost of my own. (Ah, blogging. Does anyone else ever feel a little dorky for having a blog, or is that just me?)


jenny said...

Oh I feel totally honored to be linked to by you! :-) BUT I'm commenting b/c I COMPLETELY am embarrassed I have a blog. If anyone mentions it in real life, it's all I do not to curl up and die. :-) Someone mentioned to me today at church that they loved my love story and I got so embarrassed that they read it! Such an oxymoron of a statement because I love blogging but am embarrassed of it. :-)

Jeannett Gibson said...

ditto on the whole thing. someone came up to me at church: "jeannett!!! you don't know me...we live in So Cal...but I've been reading your blog for years and i love it and i was hoping we'd run into you!!!" i wanted. to. die. DIE. you would think that would make me feel better...but instead i wanted to go home, delete the whole thing and never blog again. is that weird?

Brianna Heldt said...

okay girls i am SO GLAD it's not just ME! i apparently love blogging (otherwise why would i do it?!) but i get SO EMBARRASSED when someone finds out i have one!

i also need to confess that some of my best friends in denver were blog friends when we still lived in california. SO if it weren't for blogging, i probably wouldn't have these amazing friendships.

still, it's humiliating. :) i feel like an utter geek. which i am, so i think i should just embrace it and be proud! :) (i don't think anyone ELSE is a loser for blogging, i just think i am.)

Joanie said...

I must be so geeky that I am either oblivious to it, or, hmm, proud to be a geek in that I can do this computer thingy and actually have it work???

Seriously, it is such a fun way to keep in touch and I get a ready-made scrapbook for the girls as a bonus.


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