Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just my day

I love my quiet days at home.

Today we had our daily Bible/prayer time over breakfast, Anna worked on some word problems, and then she read about birds and trees. Love homeschooling. Love, love, love it!

As for me I've been doing housework mostly. (In addition to spending too much time reading blogs and emailing.) I currently have a sweet little 3-month-old smiling up at me. After I finish posting here I'm off to finish mopping and then I'll clean the bathrooms. I even have a meal planned for tonight, chili in the slow cooker. (Is it a slow cooker or crockpot? I'm never sure what to call it.) This is really something because I've been getting over a sinus infection (thank you Amoxicillin) so the cooking around here has been a bit sparse lately. And yes I know all of YOU probably have really great dinners EVERY night, but these days it's quite an accomplishment around here! Let's just say I'm lucky that a certain 5-almost-6 year old around here loves making quesadillas.

Our community group that we host/lead meets tonight, and my friend is bringing cookies, so I don't have to bake. Not that I don't LIKE baking, and Anna usually helps me, but I have enough to do today to keep me busy. I'd hoped to get some more headway made in my Bible reading but sadly that has not happened yet. I am woefully behind, but I am DETERMINED to catch up.

And with that, I really need to finish my housework. Happy Wednesday!


From Diapers To Dorms said...

Hello Brianna. Your slowcooker/crockpot comment made me laugh, as I once belonged to an online recipe forum that people actually argued over that point. It got a bit out of hand. (-: You probably already know this, but Crock Pot is a brand of slow cookers. The term "slow cooker" can be used to reference any brand of such units. I've got a slow cooker that I love, but it isn't a Crock Pot. (-:


Joanie said...

No clue - are you perhaps slow cooking in the Crock-pot? :) It's one of those words like Band-aid and Kleenex where the brand name becomes the noun.

How nice that you think we're all cooking. Do daily peanut butter sandwiches count? I think you're amazing for all you're getting done today. This thing you call mopping...not familiar with that term. (Now it's just getting embarrassing. I must stop before my bad housekeeping is further revealed.)


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