Sunday, February 21, 2010's cold.

That's it. I'm tired of the snow.

Yes, I love seasons. That includes winter, cold weather, cloudy skies, and snow. I don't even mind driving in it, and I'm a total homebody, so I also don't mind staying indoors.

BUT, for whatever reason, I'm ready for some warm temperatures and sunshine!
Therefore, I'm posting this old picture from 2005 when Kevin and I took a cruise, sans Anna (our only kid back then), to Mexico. I believe we were on Catalina Island in this photo.
Total side-note, but everybody always raves about cruises. Oh, it's so great, they say. Well, you know what WASN'T great?

--The constant cloud of cigarette smoke all throughout the ship. (You can't tell in this picture, but my eyes were BLOODSHOT and ITCHY the entire time!)
--The loud, obnoxious drunks swarming everywhere. (Apparently I didn't get the memo that a cruise to Mexico is really just a low-budget way for middle-aged people to get completely wasted and try to relive the glory days. YOU'RE OLD! I wanted to shout. No amount of alcohol will change that!)
--The excursions they tell you to sign up for. Um, as fascinating as it was to visit the studio in Baja where they filmed part of Titanic, I would have preferred to sleep in. AND, while the kayaking in Catalina was pretty fun, Kevin made fun of me the whole time 'cause I went so slow. Yeah. We were literally WAY behind all the other people. Awkward.
--The evening "entertainment." Which generally consisted of nasty, dirty comedians who thought they were much funnier than they were (but when your audience is drunk, they still symbiotic relationship.)
Sure the food was good, but it wasn't the least bit romantic since they have you sitting with perfect strangers. How nice for an introvert like me! (Incidentally our tablemates were super nice and we even kept in touch for a time--Sheila, are you out there?--so it worked out. But I was scared at the beginning.)
All of that to say, I wasn't overly impressed.
And I suddenly feel better about the snowy, cold, overcast day we're having in Denver. :)


Rachel said...

Seriously, I keep looking for an escape. I want to feel warm!!!

We had a totally different experience on our cruise. We were seated at a quaint table for two, not sure why we got our own table, but we did. Our entertainment was fairly fantastic... ice skating shows, singing/dancing routines, comedian and jugglar (not vulgar). It was a blast! If you ever do a cruise again I will stear you in the right direction ;)

Jeannett Gibson said...

never been on a cruise, but i can imagine what you are describing. we went to an all-inclusive Sandals resort in Jamaica for our that was fun! no schedules, no assigned seating...really nice.

Mama Mote said...

The K-Life 10 year anniversary cruise was fun. Should have done that one. We had Bob Smiley as the comedian. I know. There actually were the things you described, too, but we could kind of stay away from that for the most part. But I wasn't too keen on the "assigned" seating either. I wanted to sit with my friends. But we did have nice table mates. Love your picture and I didn't notice your eyes. You look beautiful.


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