Monday, February 08, 2010

Just us Heldts on a Saturday

Thanks to blogging (and email), I have some really wonderful friends out there who I've never met, but would love to.

Because we can't hang out in "real life", here are some things you might find if you dropped by on a Saturday morning:

Cartoons. The big kids usually designate Kaitlyn to come ask if they can turn them on (even though she's not in this picture.) Sometimes we say yes, and sometimes we say no.

Playtime. Lots and lots and lots of playtime. During which Mary is often a part. She likes the crazy.

Bleary-eyed parents. Who stayed up way too late the night before watching Waiting for Guffman. (FYI, 5-year-old boys like taking pictures, and they don't mind if their subjects are still in their pjs. Said subjects don't mind either, because really, pjs are the best.)

Sadly the only picture I have of Kaitlyn from this past Saturday morning was of her sitting on the toilet. (Thus not with the other kids watching cartoons.) I won't be sharing that one. But she was pretty cute! :)


Joanie said...

Wait a minute. How come Anonymous isn't saying something snarky about potty training? Seems like they've moved on, and I bet you don't miss their comments, do you?

What a sweet life. You have inspired me time and time again. Look how big Mary is, looking like a baby and not a newborn! Sigh.

Brianna Heldt said...

Ha Joanie I KNOW!!!! I'm just waiting for them to show up!

And yes, Mary really is getting big. Having kids is so bittersweet. Miss you!

Julie said...

Sounds like a great family morning!

From Diapers To Dorms said...

That's funny about the kids having Kaitlyn come and ask about the cartoons. Our oldest used to do the same thing. Anytime he wanted to know something like that, he would send his little brother to ask. We see the same thing with the foster kiddos.

Potty Training- Sounds like quite an adventure. I've never had the experience of having a child in the house at that stage of life, but we might soon since one of our foster babies could possibly be staying with us into that time. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

I like your simple relaxed Saturdays. They really are the best kind of days aren't they?


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