Monday, February 01, 2010

Lunch duty love

Today I had lunch duty at Anna's homeschool-school-thingy.

Which means that for the past WEEK, she and the boys and Kaitlyn have been SO EXCITED.

I love that my independent five year old daughter WANTS me at her school helping. Not only that, she wants her siblings there too. When we showed up, I instructed Kaitlyn, Yosef and Biniam to sit and eat their own lunch in an out of the way spot. Anna came rushing over, saying "No! Come sit by ME! I want them to sit with me!" Soooo sweet. Then when they were done eating and having recess on the playground, Anna was looking out for Kaitlyn. Priceless.

I'll definitely try to remember all of this the next time I feel overwhelmed by the tattling and assorted spats--which could very well be tomorrow. :)

Now it's time to put some pjs on and settle on the couch with a book. (Sadly I'm behind on my "Bible in 90 Days" goal, but I can catch up...right?!) I'm exhausted, Mary's sleeping, Kevin's tucking the big kids into bed (after leading them in a rousing rendition of "Father I Adore You"), and the kitchen is clean. Another Monday has come and gone!


Kristen Borland said...

Ah, nothing brings kids together like Legos.... Oh wait, you were talking about lunch... :)

So sweet. Anna is such the perfect big sister. I've always marveled at how your children adore each other (and yes, I know they fight too). It just goes to show how awesome our God is and how He intricately designed your family, pulling you all together from all over the Earth.

Side note, the word verification is "hythful". I totally get a kick out of word verifications that actually sound like they should be real words.

Joanie said...

Happy Monday!

Brianna Heldt said...

Kristen yes we are truly blessed to have, overall, harmony in our home--especially since our kids' personalities are all SO different from one another! Your kids seem to do super well together too. Definitely a testament to God's grace and goodness.

(Can I just say that legos really, really hurt to step on?!)

Kristen Borland said...

lol! yes, i can imagine they do hurt to sleep on. kind of like the princess and the pea? speaking of which, i was changing lola's crib sheet the other day and found not a pea but a plastic lettuce leaf from the play kitchen underneath her sheet. huh.


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